Thursday, May 10, 2007

We interrupt this program...

I'd like to interrupt the usual triathlon gear porn that goes on throughout the blogosphere and share with you something completely different.

When I was a little girl, my mom used to make instant pistachio pudding. I could not get enough of this stuff. I loved its cool green-ness and nuttiness and she eventually took to hiding it, because I learned how to make it on my own.

Ahhhhh, BLISS.
Why, all you had to do was mix it with cold milk, wait a few minutes, and voila: through the miracle of modern chemistry, you had wonderful pistachio green goodness!

When I was older I started using Clinique. Again, the soft light green. Few other companies can match my skin tone and needs the way Clinique can. Oh, I deviate from time to time and try out new things, but they eventually stop making whatever it is they're making, and I return to my tried and true green plastic packaging.

I even once had a whole bathroom decorated in that soft, light, blueish-green in the 90's.

Now, from time to time, I've been asked, "Isn't that beautiful bike," I've always said, "um, sure," all the while thinking, "Well, I can appreciate the engineering superiority, but I wouldn't call it, 'beautiful'."
Indeed, I wasn't sure that I could ever call a bike "beautiful."

And then I was scoping out ideas for my commuting bike, and I walked into Two-Wheel Drive in Albuquerque. I saw a bike. The most beautiful bike I've ever seen. I had to have it. It was beautiful.


And so I made it mine.

I picked it up last Wednesday and had a basket, rack, and headlight installed.

wait for it.

and I shall call her Pistachio.


  1. And so it begins, the bike love affair. Bikes are first seen as tools until you meet that special...someone and then bikes are seen for what they really are, highly functional art.

  2. PERFECT!! I think she deserves a bright red seat. :-)

  3. Where are you going to attach the aero bars? What cassette does that beauty have on the hub?

    Are those odd wheel coverings a new aerodynamic feature?

    Nice brand, though. They've always made nice bikes.

  4. It's probably the most un-aero bike I could find. It has an 8-speed internal hub, not a casette (it changes gears while standing still). And the seat has a built-in-tail light.

  5. That is a thing of beauty

  6. Ha! I was scrolling down the screen to read the post, and when I got to the Clinique description, I thought "Bianchi green..." And lo and behold, that's exactly what you were talkin' bout! Beauty of a commuter you got there :-)

  7. My husband loves his Bianchi. You can even buy socks, jerseys, saddlebag, gel seat, etc, to match!


  8. I KNOW! I KNOW! I'm looking at a little under the seat bag, in pistachio green (Yeah, I know it's called Celeste. To me it will always be Pistachio)
    Hauling it up a hill is quite a struggle, but think of the workouts I'll get...

  9. Found your blog via Bazu. I admire your strengths!

    What a sweet bike!!! Pistachio is such an awesome colour - last year my hubby got me a limited edition Pistachio coloured Kitchen Aide Mixer.

  10. Ah yes, celeste Green, The very same color of my last commuter bike.

  11. It needs an old school bell:) Really, Really, Really, nice bike. It looks fun to ride. I have read your blog for a long time but have always been too timid to post but the bike needed a comment. Really nice blog.

  12. She is Beautiful.
    I too understand your love affair with pistachio pudding and clinique. Totally.

  13. The official color is Bianchi Green, one of the best colors in the world. Been around for AGES

  14. so how many bikes does this make now...

    Wish I could commute to work...

  15. Love it, love it, love it! I used to have a stuffed reindeer named pistachio as a kid...although he wasn't green. :-)

  16. She's a beauty, and in one of my favorite colors!
    Enjoy your cruiser.

  17. An absolute thing of beauty!

  18. Actually, it only makes two bikes. My racing bike is still on back order, so I've been using my trainer for events.


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