Friday, May 29, 2009

Random, unrelated thoughts.

<-- 1) I ate a bag of these yesterday. Not as in "snack bag," either. A whole bag with about 6 servings. Then I ran a hilly 5k after work. There! All fixed. I will run a hilly 5k every single day of my life if it means I can eat Poor Brothers Sweet Maui Onion Kettle chips.

2) Sweet Baboo and my sister-in-law have been helping me learn to appreciate beer. I have always envied beer drinkers and how refreshing the stuff looks, kinda like...fizzy apple juice.

Too bad it doesn't taste like fizzy juice. After nearly 2 months of their best efforts, I still cannot stand the stuff. It's bitter fizz. Fizz should be sweet. As in Fanta. Or wine coolers. Or just skip the fizz. Call me unsophisticated, just bring me a glass of Black Beauty and you can call me whatever you want. Am I the only one who feels this way about beer?

3) Our scale is broken, and I'm happy about it. I'm not being snarky, as in, it's obviously broken because I don't weigh that much, but as in, no numbers, no beep, nada. It used to be that it was the first thing I saw as I stepped out of the shower, its siren song calling to me

-= Misty! Misty....come, step on me...I'll show you that you are indeed
becoming a light and delicate flower =-

and then I step on it, just like Charlie Brown keeps running at the football, gaaaaa! it shows the exact same group of numbers it's been showing me since November. Crap!
Sure, I need the reality. ON the other hand, it furthers my unhealthy body issues. I'm so conflicted! Should I love the scale, or hate the scale?
I have decided I'm not in a big hurry to replace the scale.

4) I am a bit smaller. I noticed that as I put on my skirt this morning. "It's the cycling," Sweet Baboo said.

In one day? I'm smaller because I did one 30-mile ride?


I can live with that.

5) A friend from work, Dvora, brought me a loaf of what I call hippie bread. It's an obscure-label bread made from spouted hemp instead of what and it's full of seeds. At first I was like, oh, great, what is this?

Now I'm hooked. On hippie bread.

The only store in town that carries it is La Montanita, and so now I have to go completely out of my way to get some, so that every day I can have my one slice of hippie bread with almond butter, which another friend has thoughtlessly gotten me hooked on.

Damned hippie bread.

So then today, she offered to go by and pick me up some...Oh, I SEE HOW IT IS. The first fix was free...after that, I gotta pay...

but now I'm freaked by something a coworker said to me: does anyone know if eating hemp makes you blow positive on a UA?



  1. Misty - you may be able to order your bread online

    in store coupon

    re your other concern

    I've read some bloggers who like hemp milk.

    Here's an article

    Those chips look good - but I'm not an onion person - the Spicy Thai from Kettle are dangerous for me, and their baked salt/vinegar are too.

  2. I want to like beer. But I don't. I've tried. In fact, the guy at the liquor store said after a 20 minute conversation about potential beers I might like, uh, maybe you just don't like beer.

    Oh well, save the calories.

  3. I don't like beer either, but I do love cider - the alcoholic apple kind. Looks like beer, but without that nasty flavour! Problem is I can down it like it's cordial ...

  4. I hate my scale even though I use it several times a day. How the clothes fit counts the most.

    I have to point something out, though. 6 servings of those chips = 840 cals. Running 5 miles = burn ~500 cals. The math says that if you ate 3 servings of chips your skirt would get looser faster. And never mind beer. Beer is yuk.

    Sorry - I just can't help thinking like that. It's a burden.

  5. Misty: Have you and/or Baboo has the new Garmin long enough to consider writing a review? Inquiring minds are wondering if it's time to upgrade.


  6. Okay, I feel a little dumb. It seems all the 310xt reviews I've read are pre-general release reviews? So I'm guessing no one's had a chance to use one for any length of time yet. Ignore me.


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