Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. Thyroid stuff: Lab tests this week include checking my current level of TSH and T4, as well as checking my cortisol and ATCH. Don't ask me what the cortisol and ACTH tests mean. I'm still learning.

2. BUT. there are some signs that my body has finally given up trying to hold onto the fat. I think my parts got together and said, hell, she's never going to feed us the way she used to, so we might as well burn the furniture for heat. I woke up this morning and noticed that my legs are smaller. Not a lot. But a little.
Yeah, you better get smaller, legs. What did you say? Oh, nothing? Yeah, that's right. that's right.

3. Cheap: since I'm a lowly unemployed student. My hair dresser did a "half foil" and didn't cut my hair this time. It cost about half the price and took an hour less to do, and will require touch-ups every 2 months instead of every 5 weeks. This wonderful man made me look good in about half the price. I love him for that.

4. Training: I'm now able to run continuously with no more scheduled walk breaks for about 15 miles. Gee, it only took me, what, 9 months to get back here? I still take walk breaks in races because it's results in my fastest overall pace, but not in training.

5. Mileage:
This past week, I put in 44 miles in on the trails and roads near where I live. FORTY-FOUR.

That's like, 22 twice.

So, Saturday afternoon, after entering my long run data into the Daily Plate, it told me I had 2000 calories left to eat. I didn't eat them all, but I sure as hell had some Dulce De Leche ice cream, which is my current indulgence. It tastes like Kraft Caramels. I eat it and roll my eyes around.

6. Turn, turn, turn: I picked the last of the fresh tomatoes from the vine in my back yard. >sniff.< farewell, Summer...

7. Car: This past week I vacuumed 3 pounds of play sand out of the back, threw away documents with 2008 dates on them, shampooed out all the spilled gatorade, green tea and ginger cooler, and coffee. My car is now clean and smells good and I'm no longer ashamed to allow people to see inside it. including my husband.

8. Rumors are true: Sweet Baboo is attempting another 100 miler October 31st. He's also
put in his name for the Western States Endurance Run lottery. Me, I'm sticking to the smaller races.

9. My new boss: is me. I have some time and unemployment compensation coming, so while I'm in school full time, I figure this is the optimum time to put together an idea I've been considering for a while. So. this week, I got a tax ID number, filed a DBA, and the paperwork to be an LLC. I'm a little scared.
At this point, though, I figure I've done a few scary and difficult feats. And, I'll have more anxiety to burn off on my runs.

10. 2009. 25 years ago this week I produced my first offspring. I told him, I won't waste your time with telling you how big you were or describing your long, natural childbirth...8 pounds, 13 ounces; and it was EIGHTEEN HOURS after I was admitted that you were born, and I was TINY, only 19 years old...
but ANYWAY I told him that next year, when he's out of the Army and living here, I would be able to take him out to lunch on his birthday. Anway. Twenty-five. Shit. I'm old.

11. School. I've survived midterms.

12. Old School. I have discovered what makes me happy what makes me feel good:Running and Yoga, first thing in the morning, in that order.

13. Training runs. I'm considering this as my final training run before the Palo Duro 50K:

They offer a last place prize.

Race ya for it!



  1. I just had my cortisol tested so I can tell you that if you have too much, it means you won't lose weight. Holding on to it can be brought on by stress. Mine was off the charts. Plus I'm hypothyroid so my doc is currently all about getting me to treat my stress.

  2. 44 miles is like, a marathon and then a bunch. It's a lot.

    I have a 26 year old - so you are not old because I am not old. So there.

  3. Congrats on starting your own business!! Yay Misty! That's a wonderful step to take. Hope to hear more about it.

  4. Good Luck and I look forward to hearing all about your 50 miler. What an inspiration you are to all Athenas (myself included). You Go Girl!


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