Monday, November 23, 2009

Tuesday Twelve

...because I have something else planned for the Thursday Thirteen.

1) oh, THOSE thoughts. You know the ones. They start out as a whisper...why, she's the same size as me, not much younger, and she just did a _________...then a murmur. I wonder if *I* could do a (fill in the blank here:) _________...then the next thing you know, you're narrowing it down to which crazy-assed race you're going to sign up for. Which is what I did.

I eliminated the Pinhoti hundred-miler, for now, because you should always train like you race, and for my first hundred-miler, I can't train for a southern, semi-tropical pine forest, given that I live in Albuquerque. However, I reserve the right to do this one some day, because it's really close to where my sister lives, and they have fried egg sandwiches on the course. Not that this is all that unique, mind you...most ultras are basically a run from one buffet to the next.

I eliminated the Rocky Racoon hundred-miler, because if you sign up for the hundred, and finish at least 50 miles, they don't give you credit as having finished the 50 mile race which is on the same route, on the same day.

That leaves me with the Javalina Jundred, which as the same course that exists in my back yard (rocky, high-desert) and if you finish at least 4 of the 6-1/2 loops, you get a "whimp out" 100k option, a 100K belt buckle.

DP has kindly offered to be my boss lady for the event.

However, I still have to get down to 160 before I'll sign up (72.5 kg for our international friends).

2) WEIGHT. I'm losing a half pound a week.\At this rate, I'll be sending Javalina my money sometime in January. I would like it to be on record that given that I eat between 1300 and 1800 calories a day (depending on my workout that day) and run a minimum of 25 miles a week, I think 1/2 pound a week is rediculous, but given the alternative (not losing anything), I'll take it.

3) THINGS I SAID I'D NEVER DO. I went to Trader Joes last week. They had the cheapest Tofurkeys in town. I also bought some corn soup. So there.

4) Gaaa! Since I can't eat soy any more, the hot flashes are coming fast and furious. I wake up every two hours, drenched in sweat. Baboo is most sympathetic, but obviously helpless; there's not much to do when your wife suddenly rises, strips off her shirt, and walks out in to the back yard in the middle of a cold, cold night. This is not as attractive as one might think.  Or maybe it is. I don't know. 

5) High.
Baboo, Courtney, and I climbed up to the South Peak of Sandia on Saturday. It was a 14-mile round-trip, and I was pretty sick that afternoon. I think I need to get used to that altitude. I felt great on Sunday, though.

I went for a 30-mile bike ride with friends Sunday. It goes without saying that since I haven't sat on a bike since September, my butt hurts, but not as bad as I thought.  More importantly, my legs didn't burn or hurt. I was expecting a miserable, cold time, and I had a wonderful time on a beautiful day with some of my favorite friends.

7) George's LEGACY: Why an I just hearing about this whole Real ID thing?  Will I be able to travel next year without a passport in my own country?  Who's working on this? WHO?

8)  ONE PERSON at school has noticed that my hair is a completely different color.  What.  The.  Hell.  everyone else is, like, "Oh, your hair is a different color?"
YES!  YES!  It is BROWN now!  Geez!

9) *SPAM ALERT* FREE STUFF!  L@@K!  Last year Tech4o asked me to review their watch with the built-in pedometer.  This year, they've asked me to review their women's watch with a heart-rate monitor strap. The Tech4o company is sending me an extra watch, so that I can do a contest giveaway.

So, this is what I've come up with:
What you have to do is guess what my finishing time will be at Ghost Town 38.5 in January.  The person closest to my actual time without going over will win a Tech4o watch with heartbeat monitor on which I have drawn a smiley face with a sharpie on the back.  Whee!  in the case of a tie, I'll be asking those in the tie a trivia question.
Happy guessing.

10)  JOB.  Still don't have one.  Still working on that.  Given my druthers, I'd still rather do therapy.  I'm headed to some agencies tomorrow with copies of my resume.  If I could get 15 paying clients a week or more, I could make a go of it.  Perhaps I've been at this agency too long.  In two months, they've given me two clients.  TWO.  Time to move on.

11) CHEESE! As I write this I am watching a show about cheese on Modern Marvels.  It's surprisingly interesting.  One time I watched "The History of Cereal" and it was also surprisingly interesting.  No, really.  Oh, also: Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a day.  You're welcome.

12) TRAINING.  I'm back on track.  This week I'll be running 2, 4, 6 (monday, tuesday, wednesday) 14, and 8 (saturday, sunday).  The 14-miler will be a hike. 



  1. let's see here...14 on Saturday actually mean's that we'll be going 16 based on the last 2 weeks of add 2 miles to what misty tells us we're going ;)

    so...just where are we going this week???

  2. I would like to make a guess at your finish time --- 9 hours, 42 minutes.... Happy Running!!

  3. Booooooo. I still think you can do Pinhoti. And that's all I'm gonna say.

    Otherwise another enjoyable update from the land of Misty.

  4. I can validate the pizza fact (Americans eat 100 acres of pizza a day)...I certainly have done my part. Are the rest of you doing your part? America? Hello??

    Big Clyde

  5. I'm in on the finish time contest! I say 8:37. I'm doing my part with the traditional Thanksgiving-Eve pizza fest.

  6. I think I have eaten at least that much myself...

    My guess for your race...9:56:45. Now this is based on your best time per mile for a 50K which was 15:05, but this race is about 7 miles longer and I added an extra :30 per mile for the added distance. That is the best my non mathematical brain can do.

    good luck!

  7. My guess is 9:59:59.

  8. There's a great book called "The female brain gone insane" that deals with pms, perimenoupause and menopause. The title itself was just too titillating. Over the counter progesterone has made me return from monster stage to normal. Try it!!
    LOVE your blog,
    (a 43 y-o speech language pathologist in 3 schools, mother of 6, rubenesque and slow long-distance runner in Portland, OR)

  9. 8 hours, 50 mins. You're going to be FAST!


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