Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday thirteen, the timely edition

Dear Diary,

13. Okay, it's ridiculous, but Friday evening I actually sat out in the cool, still dusk, next to the pond himself built for us (trickling water, etc) and started typing this week's entry on my iPad.

Later that week, Sweet Baboo and I figured out how to play scrabble by networking our iPads.Turns out, Scrabble is way more fun when you aren't picking the tiles up after they fall off the holder.

12. I had a serious attack of lazies at work last week. I think it started when I read about the toddler being thrown out the upper floor window by her mother during a police raid and suffering irreparable brain damage. There's not a lot of things that freak me out these days, but oh yes, that one did it.
Later that week, I interviewed a 11-year-old boy who wants to die.
Yep, time for a day off.

You would not believe how long it took to get this shot.
11. My dog is just, well, incredibly spastic at times. That helps too, especially since she's spastic over me. I love her big old face. Mind you, I do not like dogs. But I like this one.

 10. I went for a nice short trail run Thursday, mostly an hike. My back is still a little tweaked. My legs still have bricks tied to them. I did a shorter run Saturday, and then Tuesday, Baboo and I did a short (4.3 mile) run together.

 9. I did the "women in training" saturday. Daughter has completely checked out and stopped working out. Then wanted to know if I would take her to buy her sports clothing, and I said that this is for, you know, for people who do sports. Sitting around on the internet at the library all day is not a sport.

8. Sunday, I continued collecting groupons for things to do while himself is gone during the month of July. I think it's safe to say, I will be occupied. Bored and lonely a bit, but occupied. Then Sweet Baboo informed me that he won't be going in July after all. Yay! And I get to keep all the groupons. they're all for girlie things, like facials, pedicures, and yoga. But the best thing is that himself and I will get to start our salsa dancing lessons.

7. Today, I go in to nail down the exact rotations that I'll be doing for my internship at the VA. More on this later.

6. Blogger now has a way to email your entries into blogger. I'm playing with it. Ostensibly, you can do it with images as well.

You can just feel the health.
5. I ate a bag of fritos. A big bag. With some cheap, mayonnaise-based spinach dip that I'm sure somebody, somewhere, thinks is healthy because of the spinach (not me, I have no illusions). I think it's time I got back in touch with my weight watcher side. I also ate four pieces of provolone cheese the other day. I melted it in a pan, browned it a little, and then peeled it back up. When you do that it gets crispy and tastes a bit like bacon. Then you make a sandwich with mayonnaise. Would you like more tips on how to be the world's fattest vegetarian? I have a hundred of them.

4. After weeks of fiddling with crappy iPad blog editors, i experimented with Dragon, which I'm going to use to transcribe notes. Its a bit unweildy for casual writing just now. 
Then I was told about Blogsy by Melissa. I'm still learning it. I'm very stubborn about reading directions when it comes to computer stuff. Stubborn and grandiose. All other things, I'll read the instructions. Not so with computer stuff. Then when I can't intuit it, I'm annoyed.

3. It turns out that when you are waiting out the window during which the repair people are supposed to arrive, you have plenty of time to work on your blog.

Beautiful xericscape.
2. We haven't had a working cooler so far this season. As we head into June, and start inhaling the smoke drifting over from Arizona (thanks for that, by the way,) I decided to have someone come out. I hate this cooler. It requires far more maintenance than an air conditioner, and it guzzles water, which we do not need to waste in the desert. I can't wait to get rid of it.

I also can't wait to get rid of all this grass. It's ridiculous. Who grows grass in the desert? I'm taking suggestions on how to dispose of it quickly so that I can replace it with xerics this year. I must do this THIS YEAR. I do not want to spend another summer fucking with sprinkler systems and oh yes, she swore.. because when it comes to sprinkler systems, I can definitely be very unladylike.
The problem is that the grass is 30 years old and has a thick, deep thatch. I shudder to think that I will have to dig it all out.
Maybe there's a Groupon for that.

1. This Saturday I am doing a sprint triathlon down in Ft. Sumner, New Mexico. Oh, my, well there are just so many reasons that this will go badly that I can't even count, but here are a few:
  • I haven't been on a bike more than three times in the past year.
  • My wetsuit is new and has never been worn.
  • I have swum, let's see, once in the past year.
  • It's going to be hot, hot, hot.
  • I'm somewhat disinclined to ride a bike, anyway.
Oh, well. I'll do little race report after I'm done.


  1. Please remember to make sure the bike's brakes aren't on before you start the bike ride. Or not, your swearing at the bike makes for better blog reading.

  2. We dug our grass up, and yes, it's a PITA. Alternatives include Roundup or smothering the grass with a tarp or somesuch. There are also rentable sod strippers but I don't know how they do with thatch.


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