Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Dental Work Begins.

Dear Diary,

Last week I went to see Denist #2, and endodontist, last week.  Dentist #2 took the time to numb me up with a heeyooge needle before saying that he could not save the three teeth that had planned root canals.  After dentist #2 said this, he said that I needed to have them pulled and get dental implants.  I went back to dentist #1, who then referred me to dentist #3: an oral surgeon
  • Pros: no root canals, which are expensive. Painful.
  • Cons: implants. Otherwise known as IMPLANT$.
Dentist #3 could not see me until September 20th for a consult...and I started hurting after my recent weekend in Leadville.  So, I called dentist #1 and said, I need to see someone sooner, because my teeth are hurting now. So his office set me up with dentist #4 for Wednesday morning.

My plan was to get the consult, set up a time for the extraction, and then go to work.  I decided I would have the teeth pulled on a Thursday, because I won't be allowed to run for 48 hours after a triple tooth extraction.  I don't run on fridays.  Right?  Right.  So,  I would take a day off work and stock up on protein shakes, since you can't suck anything through a straw and I won't want to chew for at least a day.

You know, I feel much better when my world is carefully planned. I don't like surprises.  I avoid them whenever possible. I like my world carefully and tightly controlled so that it happens just the way I expect it to.  Work can be crazy and unpredictable, and that's okay.  But outside of work: predictability.  I like things to be within my control.

Having told you this, you know that they won't be.

So obviously, I got a call at work.
  • Hello, is this Misty?
  • Speaking.
  • I'm just calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow.
  • Right.
  • Be sure to bring your x-rays.
  • Got it.
  • And a referral letter that you have from your dentist.
  • I think he faxed it to you.
  • Good. And remember--no eating or drinking after midnight tonight.
  • Yep. Wait. What?
  • And be sure to bring someone to escort you home.
  • Escort me home? No. Wait. What? I run in the mornings. And I can't have even water?
  • Nope.
  • Why?
  • Because of the anesthesia.
  • The...the what? I thought this was a consult?
  • Oh no. If he decides the tooth--
  • teeth.
  • --need to be pulled, then he'll do that right then.
  • Really?
  • Really.  See you tomorrow at 8!  She said this just a bit too brightly, before hanging up.
SOOO, The rest of the day was spent rescheduling face-to-face meetings since my mouth may be full of bloody wadding all day and yes,  am going to work because I did not plan this and don't have it off. So here's the new plan: I will be locked in my office all day with a warning sign on the door.


I'm having some wine, cheese and crackers right now, since this might be the last thing I eat for about 24 hours.


Stay tuned...



  1. I am sending you healing vibes right now!

  2. When I had dental work done I researched the whole "no water" thing because I was having an IV and my veins are hard to find, even when I am hydrated. I found plenty of evidence that plain water is not a problem if it is out of your system when you have the surgery. So, I drank up until 2 hours before. My stomach was empty. My veins were found. Not that I advise you do this.

  3. Hope it went well. When the drugs wear off....what's the story behind that marvelous beautiful portrait of you in this post? Wow.


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