Monday, November 14, 2011

First world problems

Dread pirate turned me onto this "know your meme" website. The precipitant.receding? Whatever. Trigger, for this was me jokingly whining about how the remote cotrol mysteriously stopped working on our old dcd player, and no universal will work...leading me to surmise that the IR has gone out. This is. Totally geeky thing to be able to surmise but like most things in life, i am very good at figuring out what the problem is. I leave it to others to fix it. Which is why I am a diagnostician.

Anyway. So, i love this meme and i have been tweeting useless whines this week. i hasten to add that I am grateful that nearly all my complaints are of this ilk. Here are some:

  • I still haven't figured out how to utilize my smartphone's Mobile hotspot feature.

  • I want to network our stereo components, but I haven't the right modem for it.

  • I think my trail shoes have gotten a little worn.

  • My friends can't seem to decide on which ironman to do, and I'm on pins and needles, hoping it will be one I can get to and do.

  • The director of field experiences at my grad schhol is a giant a.hole who Consistently utters factually inaccurate statements. But i have to kiss his ass until I graduate even though I'm older, smarter, more experienced, and lets face it, prettier.

  • Pet care is cutting into my workout time.

  • I still haven't developed my own low-calorie carmel sauce.

  • I am going to have to run a marathon in 80 degree with incredibly high humidity. Boo


And the last one...

I bit the inside of my lip and my crystal lite stings.



  1. I just used my last pandora skip... live sucks.

    Here's a few things to possibly help your first world problems:

    I don't know about all carriers, but with AT&T you have to pay extra to use the mobile hotspot feature that comes with your smart phone. Boo.

    45 cal for 2 tbs caramel sauce

    At the bottom. Don't know why the pic looks like ketchup. Found on pinterest.

  2. life. Spelling also sucks!

  3. Too funny. I consistently catch myself griping about my first world problems. Like my favorite running shorts aren't clean. Stupid stuff like that.

  4. Awesome. Can I add:
    - I can't find the right shade of white tile for my kitchen back splash

  5. ahhh the pet care and workout time.
    I know ye well :-)



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