Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter started too early: 13 things I'm sick of*

*Note to Jennie: of which I have tired.

Dear Diary,

This has been a bad year, weather-wise. The summer was long and hot and everything was on fire.  Fall was about 5 minutes long. The weather has been unusually cold since early December.  I am ready for some warmer weather.  The good news is, I finally got all my miles last week, which was a training week.

Also, i've switched to Spark People. I like their apps.

Here are 13 things I am beginning the hate about winter:

13. My dog is inside a lot because it's so cold out. She licks her privates for 20 minutes at a time. It goes on, and on....and on. She curls up next to me for maximum volume and effect, and slurps away. Ew.

12. i hate that it's cold and dark whenever I want to run.

11. I have to say that all pets get old in the winter. I wear a lot of black, so, well, you know, I can't sit down anywhere in my house in my work clothes.  And there's Lily. I adopted her from the Tuscaloosa shelter at four months old, and she'd already been returned once for being too noisy. She was nowhere as noisy as she is now. Her desperate bid for attention begins the moment my feet hit the floor, even if it's. 2 am pee. If I shut the door, she hurls herself against it, wailing, as it shakes in its frame.

I'm not a mean person. But. I have blasted her once or twice with a squirt bottle. It doesn't work. She just moves out of range, and continues her cacauphony.

10. I miss running outside at dawn and working up a good sweat, then sitting on a chair outside drinking tea in the cool (not frigid) morning to cool off.  Sitting outside by the goldfish pond in the rising sun with Baboo is one of my favorite things about summer.

9. I miss my open-toed shoes.


8. Crisp cold sheets. Theyre awesome in the summer. In the winter, they suck, suck, suck

7. I am tired of people showing up 20, 30, and yes even 40 minutes late and acting surprised when I tell them I am rescheduling them.  I get that it's cold. I happen to live in the part of Albuquerque that gets the most wind and the most snow, so suck it up and give yourself time to get here. It's not the Dakotas; it's the desert for Chrissake.

6. I'm sick of oatmeal and warm coffee. 

5. I miss grilling.

4. I hate driving home from work in the dark.

3. in the words of Daniel Tosh, ”I love seasons...that's why I live in a place that skips the shitty ones." This past year, we seem to have skipped the good ones.

2.  Yes, it's cold enough for me.  Shut up and ask me about politics or something

And the number one thing I'm sick of:

1. Three words: Cold. Toilet. Seats. Bathroom. Floors.




  1. Hey, have you thought about getting some bitter apple spray for the dog licking issue? It doesn't sound medical, more like anxiety...I'd try to nip that in the bud if you can. Maybe this sounds mean, but we don't tolerate obsessive licking or chewing with our doggies. If the skin looks irritated, we certainly treat the medical issue with cortisone spray, antibiotic spray or a trip to the vet, but I have no tolerance for that nasty, unnecessary slurping. Also, it can't be good for the dog to obsess like that. Good luck!

  2. Your next dream house will need radiant heating in bathroom and bedroom floors...

  3. come heeeeeeeeere
    Im still in the opentoe.



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