Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm about to go all Martha Stewart on your ass.

Dear Diary,
I am testing yet another ap, this time on my Droid X2.  It is editing a post I started in Blogsy so there may be some stray html tags here and there. I dont know how the pictures work either. And I don't know.how to post.

I've pretty much given up in ever being able to post easily again.

13. This week I was informed that my degree has been posted. I am now Herself Geekgirl, MSW/LPCC.  The world seems a little brighter. I'm done. DONE, I tell you!  I am now ready to move on with other growth projects.<br><br/><br/>

12. This week I started on a project to do three random acts of kindness a day.  The key is, it has to be something I wouldn't normally do, for no reason that benefits me.  <br/><br/>

11. I have been taking estradiol and progesterone for 16 days. My hot flashes have become warm flashes. The sheets are only slightly damp. I actually get some sleep.  Since it's all hormones, I just take my estradiol, progesterone, thyroid hormone pills, and EDTA at the same time. My mood started to improve.<br/><br/>

10. But then, despite a week of improving sleep, I was tired again. On what should have been a relatively strenuous hike up a mountain to the crest trail,  that I should have easily handled, I was stopping several times. Was I short of breath? No. Were my legs tired? No. I was exhausted. Despite drinking a red bull, I needed a nap and could have easily taken one right there on the trail. <br/><br/>
Instead of going the full 4.5 miles, I turned back at 3.8. It was exhausting running back down. I was discouraged, and bewildered. What the hell was wrong now? I should be recovered from my 100k. It was three weeks ago. i should be stronger from it!<br/><br/>

9. On a lark, I googled THYROID INTERACTION ESTROGEN, and there it was. <br/><br/>Motherf... yet aNOTHER thing that interferes with thyroid medication. In as many as 40% of women taking thyroid meds and HRT, an adjustment is needed in their thyroid medication.<br/><br/>
Does it ever end? At what point do I get to stop feeling like I'm no longer a person, but an amalgam of pills and parts?  Time to see the endocrinologist, I think.<br/><br/>

8. I want some bread.  I have been making bread all week. Living a mile above sea level as I do, it has taken some adjusting to get it right.<br/><br/>

7. I'm now training for Javalina Jundred. I'm going to try to finish it faster this time. Also, Bandera 100k, in January. <br/><br/>6. Blind Kitty is now a lanky teenager. She knows her way around the house well enough for take a running leap onto a breakfast nook she knows will always be there.  She follows me around and snuggles next to me on the bed. And for some inexplicable reason, likes to sit in open windows. <br/><br/>

5. I have an apple tree, laden wi fruit. This week I bought one of those crank things that peels apples, canning jars, and a canning tool set. I made four pints of apple butter, using my crock pot. For the second two pints, I used splenda.  Since the grapes are ripe, grape jam is in the works. This, I imagine, is what people who are not in school do with their time. They garden. They make jam and bread.  Hopefully, it will set. If not, there will be plenty of grape nectar to go around.<br/><br/>
So, yeah. Homemade bread, lots of jam. What could go wrong?

4. This week Twenty-first Century Mom was in town for the wedding of Dreadpirate Rackham to...uh, Mr. Black. He doesn't have an alias, so I'll call him Mr. Black.  <br/><br/>

3. Also, people not in school any more hang bunches of herbs to dry around the house. And make rosemary wreaths. I'm about to go all Laura Ingals up in here.  Martha Stewart is in the hiz-ouse.<br/><br/>
I have instructions for using my car, sitting in the August New Mexico sun, as a giant dehydrator to create sun-dried tomatoes from my garden.  I promise to take pictures of this.<br/><br/>

2. This week, we went to Leadville for three of the four races that Baboo is doing for his Grand Slam of Ultrarunning series. Mini Baboo and Mama Baboo, who recently moved to New Mexico, joined us. mama Baboo had never seen the finish line of a 100-miler, and Sweet Baboo got a big hug from Mama right before.crossing the line in 29:13.<br/><br/>
Next, we head to Salt Lake City for the last run of the grand slam: Wasatch Front Endurance Run.

1.  While in Twin Lakes, I went for a run by the shore of the lake. I had very idealic picture of what this might be like. As it turns out, it is much better in thoery than in practice. The shoreline was steeply sloped, covered in cobbles. Underneath the cobbles I had my choice of soft, deep, dry sand or wet, spongy sand.
But, it was crisp, in the forties, just the break I needed. I wound up finishing my shortened run on the road. Still: running alomg the shoreline. In case you thought it would be awesome, I'm happy throw myself on that the sword for you.

You're welcome.


  1. Hmm, now if Mr. Black were Mr. Roberts then she would have become Dreadpirate Roberts. And all would be right with the geek universe :)

  2. Love it CilleyGirl! Of course, I have never once said "Rackham" when reading. She's always been the Dreadpirate Roberts. Because no one would surrender to the Dreadpirate Rackham. :)

  3. I've never heard of apple butter.... Intriguing

  4. Oh yeah, the "almost everything interacts with thy meds" is seriously annoying. I remember reading that thy meds may need to be adjusted during and after menopause due to estrogen changes - and they make it sound like it's no big thing....which anyone who's spent a year adjusting to med changes and blood tests every couple of months would disagree with. I've always taken my meds w/ my bcp, so at least it is a stable interaction (kinda like when I have coffee, when I eat fiber, when I take my main calcium supplements - as long as I can get to an ok point and then keep things the same, I figure it works.) However, my TSH rose a smidge in last test and the only thing I can think of that changed is the prelief (teeny bit of calcium) I take w/ my ONE cup of coffee in the morning to help absorb the acid so that my GERD/ulcers don't act up too much. Feh. It's irksome to be reminded that sometimes you're just along for the ride in your body, steeped in chemical soup. Hope you get some help from your docs soon.


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