Monday, October 15, 2012

Bring on the Forks

Dear Diary,

Lately I've been working my way toward becoming a foodie of sorts. I've been trying are things that I've heard of but didn't try because I thought there was too much hype. For instance, balsamic vinegar: Man, oh, man, where have you been all my life?

I've subscribed to Cooks Illustrated which is Mythbusters, geekiness, and cooking, all in one. The iPad version Kicks. Ass. I highly recommend it.

Some of this has come to fruition because I finally find myself, as a grownup, with a post grad salary and no kids to support. Okay, Well, there is the Mini Baboo, but he's in community college, so that's not too bad. And we're not rich, by any means, but I finally have the job I was aiming for. I'm finally making more than I would be if I had stayed in teaching. And, I'm finally done with school, thank fuck. Which means that I have time for gratuitous hobbies. And, I read an article recently that if you're going to eat small, eat quality. Enjoy your food.

So, I've started a Friday tradition of driving to Trader Joes after work on Friday in search of something interesting for dinner. It's cheaper than going out. It's more fun than just staying home. I wonder up the aisles, and I bask in my good life. My outrageous fortune. As a bonus, going to Trader Joes leaves behind, literally, the desperate poverty and misery that I manage all week. I suppose that sounds shallow. But honestly, I couldn't come back to it on Monday if I didn't leave it behind on Friday.

SO I was intrigued by this article I came across on the net. It's a food bucket list. Yes, there are people that aim for loftier goals than this, like seeing the Mona Lisa up close, blah, blah, blah...whatever. I like this idea better. Here are the 25 foods I haven't tried from this bucket list:

(I want to apologize, in advance, for any fucked-up auto-corrects that I don't catch). I'm only going to list the things I haven't tried. Or, that I've tried, but not a really good quality version.

2. Eggs Benedict

3. Baba Ghanoush

#9 oh my god, are you fucking kidding me? You wouldn't believe the amount of cheese fondue forced down my throat by my mother in the 70s.


10. Pupusas

11. Black truffles

12. Fugu

15. Latkes

18. Hangi (new Zealand)

19. Ethiopian Cuisine

20. Louisiana Turtle Soup

22. Peking duck

24. Maryland crab cake (the best way to do this is for Sweet Baboo to get us back to Boston. No pressure, now, babe...

25. Authentic Vietnamese Pho Soup.

26. Oslo Bucco

27. Cuban sandwich

28. A pastrami sandwich from Katz's Delicatessen in NYC

30. Octopus

32. Dim Sum

33. Beluga caviar

34. Tapas

35. Falafel

44. Marzipan

45. Beignet

47. Sprinkles cupcakes

48. Churros

49. Raw Sugar Cane

So the way I see it, the quest for a marathon or longer in every state AND a foodie bucket list are not only NOT mutually exclusive, they are almost meant to be together.

Bring on the miles.

Bring on the forks.



  1. I'm a total food plebian, which I'm ok with at this point. I did actually try Ethiopian food a couple weeks ago, though. Liked one dish, didn't love the other.

  2. the mona lisa is not that cool up close. but falafel will always remind me of a boy i dated just before finding my chevalier- he actually MADE me falafel. it was amazing. but not amazing enough to distract me from the smacking noises he made while eating it. ugh.

  3. DANG IVE MISSED A far :-)


  4. Try balsamic vinegar syrup - either buy it or cook down the balsamic vinegar till it's syrupy. Then use it as a topping on really good vanilla ice cream (or similar) with fresh strawberries or raspberries and candied pecans or walnuts. (eyes rolling back in head)

  5. Try's delicious

    Latkes are a tradition on Hanukkah. I love them with sour cream and once in awhile some applesauce. Yummy!

    I HIGHLY recommend this recipe for Balsamic Barbecue Chicken. OMG.


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