Thursday, November 08, 2012

Accountability Diary, week 1

Dear Diary,

I've been asked a few questions repeatedly so I thought that it behooves me to maybe address them in a post.

What do you eat for long workouts and races?

For long workouts I usually use gels and start off with oatmeal. For races, I take pbj on white bread, which is usually offered on the course, and whatever sport drink they have. I always carry a hydration pack full of water. Every 20 miles or so, I eat two Larabars and drink an Ensure Clear. On race days, breakfast is two giant Nyong shim noodle bowls.

Why do you change your shoes?

I change my shoes because if I wear the same shoes I tend to develope hot sports that develope into blisters if the aren't addressed. I don't just change shoes, I change style and brand. That way, any oddities in the shoe or my gait vary, changing the stress and pressure sports. That helps avoid blisters or strains in various parts of my feet.

Any advise for first time ultra runners?

Yes. Figure out your nutrition. Figure it out, and stay on top of it. Once you fall behind you can't catch up. Make sure your training plan includes opportunities to run when you're tired. And get yourself a tube of sportslick and make it your best friend.


New training, to get rid of weight and train for Bandera. The first month is going to be hard, and after that I'll be stepping up running mileage and backing off on the strength workouts intil after Bandera.

Workout/diet diary for the week. I have steel-cut oats every morning with some dates, apples, and walnuts. I add Splenda and a teaspoon or two of lemon juice to the recipe for two days' worth.

Sunday, Power 90 sculpt 1-2 and abs 100. I tried to do a jog up a gentle slope, but my right hamstring is really pissed from the 100k, I think. I'll try again on Tuesday. I Ate this kale recipe, the first recipe with kale that I've liked, and a big salad. The kale recipe will be post workout eating for the next several days. It was pretty satisfying and took care of the afternoon cravings. Eggs do that for me. So does a bit of cheese. At least part of the 170 must have been post race bloat because, mysteriously, I was 165 after breakfast.

Monday, I got up too late because my alarm clock (iPad) cord wasn't connected and my iPad went dead. I power walked on the treadmill for about 25 minutes and then stretched for 10 minutes. I think I broke my ass yesterday doing all those squats and lunges. I was busy as shit all day at work, with three patients discharging in Monday and four anticipated to go on Tuesday. I didn't eve get my salad until 3. I'm not proud of what happened after that...

Tuesday, I picked a new snack to replace my Brie with truffles on wheat crackers: popcorn with truffle oil drizzled over it. And, then, I found out that there's truffle salt. Unlike most truffle oils, truffle salt actually has truffles in it. I was much more disciplined today, but was in such a hurry I forgot to eat breakfast. But for election night, I had popcorn with alder smoked salt, rosemary, and truffle oil. OMG it was fantastic.

I walk/jogged briefly in the morning and then again in the evening, on the treadmill. My left leg hurts like hell. Ugh. Then I did some stretching. There's an AWESOME video on YouTube, yoga for runners with Fiji, injury prevention. We can watch these and the Yogatic videos on our net streaming boxes and Apple TV.

Wednesday didn't run this morning. I was up too late celebrating with coconut gelato.


Thursday I forgot to eat breakfast, and immediately my body began demanding, inexplicably at about 9 am, fried chicken with mayonnaise. Luckily, I keep instant oatmeal and protein shakes at work for just such an occasion. I chose the shake, as I have become an oatmeal snob. Seriously, once I'd had steel cut, I can't go back.

The good news is that an RAN this morning! I started with a long slow warmup, and then jog, and the hurty food hurt but did so less and less. Then I was running, continuously. Yay! I stretched after for about five moments then got ready for work.

Oh, yes I can.

Onward and upward.




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