Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reprogramming my eating. A Thursday 13.

Dear Diary,

13. Eating. Coach Korbie sent me my first week's meal plan. It's similar to Baboo's. At first glance, it looks preatty austere. The longer I looked at it I thought, hey. i can do this. I cook! I have an herb garden! There's a Costco four miles from here!

I started the new plan on Thursday.

12. Shopping. I hit Costco Saturday morning and bought some yummy mushrooms and lots of salad stuff, too.

I set this up for me and Baboo--behold, the omelet station:

The eating is easier after the Costco trip. I bought all the stuff I needed, in bulk. I added chicken bouillion and no-salt organic seasoning when making the brown rice and it's AWESOME. A cup of green beans turns out to be a lot. I'm stuffed at night.

11. Gasp. Thursdays are Kathleen days, and Kathleenis helping me work on a fear of hypoxia that has caused me to to back away from high intensity training. Three-quarters into the workout, things got a little hypoxic and my brain screamed, STOP!! It was burst of panic that went off in my brain, like that moment underwater when you can't hold your breath for one more second and you MUST take a breath. Then today, she did it again.

10. Fuckers. MAt noon one of my coworkers breezed by my office Hey Misty, there's sheetcake upstairs! Well, FUCK! there is ALWAYS sheet cake upstairs. I had to start working in a hospital to learn to eat some seriously bad shit. I ignore her and eat my almonds.

9. Buying happiness. There's something to be said for the power of the buck to get you started. The nutritionist is not cheap. That's also a tennant in psychotherapy--clients should always pay something; they're more likely to invest in it.

8. Yum. The protein powder on my diet is called Protozyme, and it comes in a flavor called peanut butter cookie. It's in my afternoon and morning snacks. I'm losing my cues to eat crap.

7. Reprogramming. I'm reprogramming my eating. Heavier in the morning, lighter at night. I'd worked my way back to eating fried chicken, popcorn soaked in butter, chocolate, donuts offered daily at work. I find myself rethinking shortcuts now, like a little dusting of unsweetened cocoa on my almonds.

6. Grind. Friday I rode into work, which is essentially a four mile roll downhill. It's refreshing. I don't even break a sweat.

Riding home is not so refreshing. But. I've made progress on this particular ride. Also, the bike is much more comfortable than it used to be. Maybe it's because of leg strength.

5. Purge. This weekend I'll be getting rid of stuff in the pantry. I used to have a rule about no comfort food in the house. If you wanted it, you had to go out and get it and pay full price instead of making it at home, but over the past couple years the house has become home to butter.

4. Heavy mornings. The new eating plan includes a giant scoop of oatmeal and an omelet in the morning. This is a lot for a non-breakfast gal. After some experimenting, I discover that the oatmeal travels better than the omelet. And miracle of micracles, I'm not roaming the halls for donuts. I'm too full.

3. Light evenings. I've discovered fat-free vinegrettes for my Big-Ass Salad. Night meals are a salad, chicken or fish, and sweet potatoes or brown rice. Evening dinners are super light, but it's okay. I'm not even hungry when I get home,

2. Data. Week 1 nutrition breakdown, per day.
1. Results. End of week 1 weight: in the morning, stark naked and after I went to the bathroom, i'm 7 pounds down. In the afternoon, when I'm bloated and wearing my clothes at Korbie's, I'm 4.5 pounds down. Either way, I've dropped. My energy level is high. I feel good.
Then Kathleen reminds me, 17 days to Ironman Boulder.
Good feeling's gone now...



  1. You do realize as another chubby, hypothyroid, slow athlete I wish you had pictured your entire eating plan? You realize that right? I love oatmeal with eggs. I make a savory oatmeal where I actually put the eggs right on top of the oatmeal, smother it with hot sauce and eat. You're right, it keeps you full for a long time. Glad the eating plan and Kathleen are helping you focus in all the ways you should!

  2. Helen, email me: athenadiaries(at)gmail(dot)com. I'll try to help you out. I just didn't think it was fair to the guy I'm paying to publish the entire thing online.

  3. I was thinking the same thing!! And ironically, I've been looking for a new protein powder...gonna give this one a try, except the vanilla flavor. Thanks!

  4. Hmm....hope this doesn't duplicate, as my comment seems to have disappeared. I was wondering if your nutritionist is local to you or someone you work with on-line. I'm thinking I need something similar to re-vamp my eating habits/relationship with food. Thanks!

  5. After having the best salad ever at a local restaurant, I went home and replicated the dressing after some googling: balsamic reduction -- put a cup of balsamic vinegar in a saucepan on med, heat it on med to boiling, then simmer til it's about half the amount you start with. I've been liking that as a dressing.

    Oh, and the salad (in case you're interested): spinach, toasted almonds, goat cheese, dried fig slices (although in the absence of figs I went with dates which were also delicious), and sunflower seeds. Oops, to tasted walnuts, not almonds.


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