Friday, November 25, 2005

Tuscon's a go.

Earlier this month Husband got a petulant call from a friend who lives in Tuscon. "I guess you aren't coming for the Tour de Tuscon," He said, "since you're not here" Indeed. In order to to the TdT, we would have had to leave immediately after work on Friday, drive until midnight, and then get up at dawn to do it. That leaves the realm of "fun" and enters the realm of pathological obsession. BUT, we did sign up to do the Tuscon Marathon on December 4th. Husband is doing the full, and I'm doing the half. They have a "filly" division, and I expect this is the last year I'll be able to qualify. It's for women 160 pounds and up. I've been right at about 160 the past 3 months or so, but I've decided to stop taking some evil meds that my doc put me on - Not that HE's evil; he's awesome, but since I started taking them my training and weight loss have slowed immensely - okay, yes, I'm babbling again. In any case, based on last years results, just for showing up I may place third. My first half marathon! Then of course, on the 10th, the Polar Bear Triathlon, the first tri of the new season. (No web page, but there's the info: Reverse 5K R, 30K B, 400M S, Location: White Sands Missel Range, NM, Contact: Bill Velez, 505.678.3374)

This picture is a statue of Athena. Isn't she awesome? That's the weight division that I am in when I do triathlons. Much better than "lady clydesdale". Here's what Wikipedia says about her (edited): "Athena, (Greek θηνά Athēná or θήνη Athénē), the Greek goddess of wisdom, strategy, and war attended by an owl, and is accompanied by the goddess of victory, Nike. Athena is also a goddess associated with mentoring heroes. Athena is an armed warrior goddess, never a child; she is said to have found the advances of men to be childish. According to Plato, Athena was derived from A-θεο-νόα (A-theo-noa) or H-θεο-νόα (E-theo-noa) meaning the mind of God (Crat.407b). Athena was patron of the art of weaving and other crafts, wisdom and battle. Athena's domain was strategy and tactics."

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