Monday, June 19, 2006

Five days to the Tri-Raider.

I'm very excited about my latest development in this thing called "being fit" . I was in spin class yesterday pedaling away and glanced down at my watch to see where my heartrate was. Hmm.
"Hmm," I thought, "that can't be right. Usually I'm suffering at that number."

Not long after that, I had the tension on the studio bike cranked pretty much as high as it would go, a combination that usually makes me feel like throwing up and/or my lungs are going to leap out and run away, and I was up out of the saddle, mashing down on the pedals for intervals of 3 minutes apiece.
But today it was bearable. The instructor says that means I've raised my anaerobic threshold. Cool! Just like all the books said. I tested it this morning on a run, and, again, was able to tolerate the higher heart rate.
Dontcha just love it when your body responds to cruel treatment?

cruel treatment: (n) anything other than laying around, watching TV court dramas, and eating.

This is especially important because there are 5 days to the Tri-Raider Sprint at Buffalo Springs. This is the one that has the 500 meter lake swim, then an out and back bike course with hills to climb up and speed down that are 6.7%, 8.9%, and 7.6%. In that order.

My goal for this triathlon is simple:

I had to walk the bike in two other triathlons I did in the same area: the Ransom Canyon Sprint, and the Buffman and Squeaky Olympic Distance. If I can meet my goal, I'll reward myself by changing the picture in my profile that shows me walking my bike up a hill. Until then, the picture stays as self-imposed punishment.


  1. Measurable progress is AWESOME. Good luck this weekend!

  2. Misty - you can totally do this!

    I'll come and cheer you on if it helps. K?


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