Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You can't spell mental hospital without ENCOPRETIC. Thurs-er-Tuesday 13.

Dear Diary,

13.  I think I'm going to switch back to Thursday Thirteen.  I start my final semester of school tomorrow, and I have classes on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  I'm going to be busy those days.  I figure to do an hour-long run between work and classes. Otherwise, I might stop at the Y, which is next to my school, and do dreadmill work. 

12.  The day after Ghost Town, my deltoids were screamin'. I've gotten into the habit of holding my arms up and in front of me, and at Ghost Town, I carried two ultimate direction hand-helds instead of wearing a pack. As a result: today I can barely lift my arms.  Owwww.

11. But.  It was otherwise successful.  I wore my spibelt, which held my gels, e-caps, and chapstick and my bib number was pinned to it.  At each bag drop I reloaded the gels.
My spibelt.
Each handheld has a pocket with a zipper. One held my asthma rescue inhaler, and the other held empty gel packs (trash).  It worked splendidly.  I traveled light.

10.  I also got a pair of these: 
Yaktrax Pro.  There was a bout 4-6 inches of snow on part of the course.   These little beauties saved me from a thousand little microslips that might have resulted in a tweaked muscle.  I used them on a mostly snow-covered 2.5 mile spur.

9.  I watched the premier of "Heavy"  on A&E.  It's kind of interesting.  Not what I thought,  but I love that Jodi kicked her negative mother out of the house.   You go, girl. 

8.  I read recently in Marathon and Beyond that icing for longer than 10 minutes after a long run causes blood vessels to dilate, and that increases blood flow to the area, speeding recovery.  I'd heard that icing was good but never knew why. So one of my plans for my back-to-back marathon doubles in May is to hit the pool after each marathon with flippers and kick up and down the pool for a while, ice bath if I can.  Active recovery.  We'll see how that works.

7.  When I came home from work on Monday, I stepped on the scale.  According to Tanita, I'm bloated. It shows I'm very well hydrated, more so than usual, and up about a pound and a half.  I usually am after a big run, no surprise there.  Tomorrow I'll make like a racehorse and come back down.  

6.  But what else did I notice?  Well, my weight is steady, between 150 and 152, and the sun set later today.  The days are getting longer.  My weight has stayed steady, and the days are getting longer.  STOKED!!!!

5.  Oh, and Pee Ess: Baboo's weight has held steady too. As I may have mentioned before, we gain and lose together.  This is the first winter that we didn't turn into the pudge twins. He's at about 205ish.  I predict this to be the year that he earns the nickname "slim".  

4.  There is a person where I work that parks like s/he has no depth perception.  I'm going to leave a note on the windshield soon, I swear.  Or maybe I'll just take a picture with my camera phone, and have it posted here.  I can also print this off and leave it on their windshield.  Parking gets very scarce at work, and I think that if you're going to park like an asshole, maybe someone should call you on it. 

Finishing Ghost Town 1/16/11
(picture stolen from Kelly)
Baboo is directly to my right. 
 3.  I'll be spending the next three weeks doing easy, gentle, flat runs on dirt to help the Achilles continue healing.  It barely whispered to me at Ghost Town.  Ice, walk.  Ice, walk.  

2.  Words I added to my work computer dictionary this week: Vyvance, encopretic, cheeking, tricotillomania, deescalating, schizoaffective. 

1.  Favorite things that teenagers say (and I hear this often):  I don't believe in medications, like for depression and stuff, because they're artificial and you never know how they might affect you.  But you know pot, it's safe, and it's natural.  It doesn't cause permanant brain damage the way alchol and other drugs do. 



  1. I'm curious - why did you change to 2 handheld bottles and the belt? I'm using a 2 bottle and zip pack Nathan belt (bought in desperation at an expo) for much shorter runs (1/2 marys right now) but I'm always open to other ideas. I am a real upper body wimp though, so I think I'd have to train to hand carry bottles! I had to change belts as one kept riding up to my ribs, one had to be cinched too tight to stay - the Nathan is relatively tolerable to my hiatal hernia, recovering GERD/ulcers and sensitive tummy. Have thought about a Camelbak, but it seems a bit over the top till I get back to full marathons.

    Your last semester, wow! I have an info session for a MA program (yikes I typed that out loud) in mid-March. Thanks for being one of the inspirations for my baby step.

  2. Love your post as usual. I can't do the handhelds myself. I know I should try it, but i'm always afraid that I'll trip and fall with them in my hand and then smash my face on a rock. BTW Icebaths WORK!! I hate them and I sceam aloud while doing it, but there is literally NO DOMS when I do them..In any case, I LOVE #1. I hear that all the time as well from my relatives, "We don't eat XXX cause its not natural.. " To which I reply, "Syphilis is natural--that doesn't mean I want it in my body, does it?"

  3. NPR just did a story about a study on how people are more likely to buy something labeled "natural" bc they perceive it as having less side effects. Poison mushrooms are natural, too. Gotta love teenage logic.

    Congratulations on maintaining your weight over winter! I'd be stoked, too. I can't blame winter since mine started jumping up in the summer. Back on track now.

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    good shtuff on the weight maintenance bit..and love the yaktrax..

  5. my last semester of social work school was easily the best. enjoy!


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