Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011: THE YEAR OF UNBRIDLED OPTIMISM, and the dawn of the Tuesday Twelve

Dear Diary,

12: Saturday, 1/1/11, I got up to do a 20-mile run, and it was eleven degrees out. I thought that a particularly cruel joke.

But...I had put on a pound or two during the tween Xmas and Newyears fest known as "Eat all you can", so I headed out in 3 wicking shirts, a cycling jacket, fleece hat, neoprene face mask, gloves, thermal tights--everything a different color, looking not unlike a big sloppy and very gay ninja.

11.  For the record, eleven degrees is some pretty miserable shit.  You get that little layer of moist sweat going while you run, and you don't get to stop, because if you do, even indoors, you immediately become chil-l-l-l-l-l-led.

10: Fueling your race: FAIL. My first 6.5 miles Saturday was to run to DP's house, where I had jokingly asked ahead of time if there would be bacon.  When I got there, her beloved put down a plate in front of me
"What is this?"
"It's English Bacon," said DP's beloved, who is from Scotland.  English bacon is like little tiny pork chops.  I ate pieces repeatedly until it occurred to me that perhaps the reason the plate was in the middle of the table was because it was for the whole family.  >Whoops<.  I stopped eating it and looked away when the Mr. questioned the children on how much they had eaten.  La-la-laaaaaah.....

It didn't make me faster.  In fact, along with the accompanying sausage, and toast with butter, it may have weighed me down.  A bit.

9. THIS is my heritage, btw.  I joined ancestry.com during 2009 and played with it for a while, and hoped for something more exotic, but no: English.  Period.  Which means my heiritage is unhealthy, fatty meaty food, syntax and grammar rules routinely broken, bad teeth, and very dry humor.

8: So.  I was so distracted by the fantastic bacon that I forgot to drink my gatorade and refill my bottle.  I draink one bottle over 13 miles, got carb depleted, and DP had to wait for me quite a number of times.

DP, as Ninja Warrior of the West.
I landed at the 4-mile Egg Nog Jog tired, a bit dizzy, dehydrated, with the pain in my leg becoming very annoying.  And it was still ass-biting cold. 

<-- DP looked all sleek, like a real ninja.

7: I skipped the egg nog and took a short nap in a car instead. After the run, we all went over to another friend's house for beans, pasole, and baked goods.  After THAT, I went home, to a warm doggie, hot bath, and nap, not necessarily in that order.

6. After THAT, himself wanted pizza.  I got myself a family-sized salad with greens, blue cheese, chicken, and walnuts with lowfat ranch. Mmmm. They provided paper plates, serving forks, and 4 forks for me...ADORABLE!  I guess some people share their family-sized salad or something.  Well, I shared the family plate of bacon--I wasn't sharing this. I ate half of it for dinner and then finished the rest the next day by heating it up and having it with some egg beaters.

5.  Himself got many Lowes' gift cards for presents, and will also get a big fat signing-bonus from the guard this year.  Aside from paying off bills, a project is to make the house more energy efficient and water efficient and secure.  I promise to bore you as much as possible with details on this.  For instance, redoing the front yard.  I'm looking for clean ways to get rid of well-established grass, if anyone has any ideas.

4. I know that 2011 is going to be better.  (It has to be.)  I predict a kick-ass year full of wonder and joy.  I do. I refuse to be convinced otherwise.  This time last year I was 25 pounds heavier, depressed, anxious, and had lost a lot of fitness.  I'm already starting the year ahead.

3.  For one thing, I will be eligible for the independently licensed therapist license this year, which means a raise and greater job prospects.

2.  Rather than "resolutions" I've made a to-do list, which includes some of the things I put in my earlier post about plans for 2011, as well as stuff like, clean out the spare room.  Nothing about being a better, kinder, more patient person, blah blah blah.  Just a cleaner one, fitter one, and maybe a saner one.

1.  Two weeks to the final Ghost Town 38.5 - I signed up for this because it's the last year she's having it, so why not.  I'm worried about the achy spot above my achilles, but when I take diclofenac, it feels way better, and I really wanted to try to do this run faster.  So, we'll see.


  1. English bacon = Canadian bacon for the record. And you'll be happy to learn the lowest fat option for pork bacon. So no worries... as long as the sausage was turkey something low fat otherthing type. Or was it proper brekkie? With blood sausage? Which just scares me.

  2. My husband and daughter took our front yard grass, rolled it up and stacked it in the corner of our backyard as the base for our above ground swimming pool. How useful.

  3. I like your #7 best of all. That sounds like a nice afternoon! The whole 1/11/11...11 degrees thing is pretty ironic, though...maybe it was a sign you were supposed to cut off your run at 11 miles.

    Here's to a happier, even healthier 2011!

  4. Anytime you want to run in 11*, come on over to Minnesota and I'll get you outfitted! I was just joking about 11* running being preferable to the January gym crazies.


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