Friday, December 31, 2010

Now, having said that...

2010 sucked. In SOOOO many ways.

We spent the year trying to recover from the 5 months of unemployment I had last year.  As much as I love my job, it pays 12K less than my last one.

In January, someone smashed in my car window and stole a bag with all my swim gear (pull buoy, flippers, speedo endurance fabric pink camouflage swim suit).  Insurance didn't cover it the window, swim gear, or very cool swim suit I got to wear once.

A month later, Someone kicked in our front door and stole two tvs (including the BIG one), a blue ray player, and Baboo's laptop.  Insurance covered some of it.

I had panic attacks, and problems with depression, and woke up crying for no reason, and felt sick to my stomach for no reason, and didn't want to go out and run, for no reason.

That was the first quarter of the year.

The winter dragged on, long, cold and wet, and after breathing a final sigh of relief in late April, we put in plants, and on May 1 winter hammered us one last time and killed them all.

I was accused of academic dishonesty, which has been resolved, but will delay my graduation.

What started out as "it's just a simple misunderstanding, Mom" dragged on throughout the year until I received a text on my phone, "I've accepted a plea deal" in october, and then a phone call in late December when my youngest called to tell me they were taking him to Quantico.  (No more details on that - that's all you get.)

The oven stopped working.

The cooktop is on the fritz.

The dog won't stop chasing the cat.


My legs work, my brain works, and there's anti-depressants.  I have my health, an education, a Sweet Baboo, and a crockpot and toaster oven.  And the world's best dog.  Everything after that is gravy.  I also know, from posting Facebutt, that many, many other people had some sucky 2010s as well.

I'll celebrate the end of 2010 at an all-you-can eat Indian buffet tonight, and then tomorrow I will run 5 or 6 miles to DPs house, then run about 7 miles with her to the annual "Egg Nog Jog" at noon, then run the 4 miles of that, and then run about 3 miles back to the car.

So welcome, 2011, bring your cheer. 

2010: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


  1. Heres to 2011, may it bring you great joy and happiness!

  2. Hoping 2011 is a wonderful one for you!

  3. Twenty11 will be better. I just love that name "Egg Nog Jog", wish I could run it just to have a shirt or something that has the name on it.

  4. You know what? This may make me self absorbed or ungrateful or just generally an entitled asshole, but I am going to say it anyway...

    We fucking deserve a better 2011.

    Good fucking riddance, 2010!

    Here's to health, happiness, good will toward all.... Aw fuck that, here's to 2011 not sucking ass like 2010 and to hoping that we get another chance to run together this year. (You have now gotten so fast that you have entered the realm where our "running together" is you waiting for me at the finish line so we can go get Starbuck's afterward, but you know what I mean.)


  5. I know this post should be "teh suck" but I sort of love it. Look at what you did in the midst of that suck! You are AWESOME.

    Also, academic dishonesty? Do they even know you? How many years teaching high school? The hell?

  6. kiss my ass 2010.

  7. 2011 can only get better! Here is to 2010 kissing your ass.

  8. I agree with Chubby ... despite all the adversity you had to face in 2010, you still accomplished some AMAZING things! So with no doubt, I wish you a FABULOUS 2011. You rock :)

  9. Wow, I never would have guessed you had so many sucky times in 2010- you always seem so positive and strong. Good to hear you are (merely) human after all! You still did great! I think it's great how you focus on the positives- that's really important.

    My 2010 sucked too. Here's to 2011! May you reach all of your goals!



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