Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nothing like a good run to get you going. Thursday 13.

Dear Diary,

13. I'm completely OCD about the scale. I check it twice a day MINIMUM.  It has stayed pretty reliably on 150--a pound up here, a pound down there--since June or July, I think.  My clothes fit the same, I weigh the same.  So how come I live in fear of gaining weight again?  Why am I so convinced that I'm becoming the pudge monster?

12. Second cold of the season, so far.  THIS is my reason for switching to working with adults eventually: they don't seem to be the germ factories that children are.

11. My oldest son doggie-sits for us when we travel.  I have always bought him a large (for multi-day visits) or small (overnight) lasagna to eat.  Then today, I thought, why? He's put on quite a bit of weight since leaving the military.  I'm not contributing to that. I will not be one of those moms that pushes "comfort food" on her kids.  So, he got a Health Choice Cafe Steamer instead.  Sorry, kid.  Run a few 5ks with me, then we'll talk lasagna.

10. I'm looking very closely at this race: 3 days of Syllamo, in March.  Why?  Well, it just so happens that *I* turn 46 that weekend.  What better way to celebrate life than by trying to kill myself?  Now, I'm pretty sure I can get through the 50K on Friday, and the 20K on Sunday.  Just not so sure about the 50 miler on Saturday.  In fact, it may be the case that while Baboo is doing the 50-miler, I spend my 46th birthday in a hottub, waiting for him to finish.

Tucson half mary

Tucson full mary
 9. Coach Baboo has devised a new training plan for me.  The weekly mileage will be similar, but laid out differently. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I am to run about 2-miles thusly: 1/2 mile run warm-up, one mile at 90% intensity, 1/2 mile cool-down.  Then on weekends, back-to-back long runs, working my way up quickly to at least 20 miles each Saturday and Sunday.

8.  The (#9) 2-mile run, by the way, is called "speedwork."  The term speed being rather loosely  applied to me.

7.  I've had people look at me, alarmed, and step away a bit when I let loose with one of my wet, juicy coughs.  I use the hand sanitizer all the time, and I cough into kleenex, but people are freaked out so I lie.  "Don't worry, it's just an asthma thing" DON'TLOOKATMEINTHATTONEOFVOICE.
I have to go to work. Those kids aren't going to commit themselves, you know.  Besides.  Where do you think I pick this stuff up?  That's right.  Children are germ factories.  

6. By Monday night, the quads were stiff, as in, "well, hellloooo there, we are your quads,"  I felt pretty good otherwise, though.  The cold hung in there until this morning, when I felt kinda normal.

5.  This past week, I completed my next-to-last semester of coursework.  Now all I have to do is clean my house before the weekend when my inlaws get here.  I have piles of things that are supposed to go somewhere (Goodwill, etc.,) and general cleaning to do.  I'm pretty excited about getting rid of piles of stuff.  A season's worth of "Hoarders" will do that do you. 

Still can't have him. 

4.  I must, must, must mention this: At the Tucson marathon on Sunday, Sweet Baboo realized his dream of qualifying for Boston.  His qualifying time was 3:30, and he finished in 3:28. 
So, we're Boston bound in 2012!
I, of course, will be head cheerleader - I did not qualify, and am unlikely to.  I have worked my way to the front-of-the-back-of-the-pack, not the back-of-the-front-of-the-pack where Baboo is.  The nice thing about Boston, though, is that due to the qualifying time it's over with pretty quickly. 

(In case you're wondering what is up with all these picture of herself, is she totally narcissistic or what?  Well, it's "or what". These may be the only race pictures taken of me that I've liked.  I may actually buy some.  They were taken at the Tucson marathon. 

3.  There is nothing like a good run to get you inspired.  I was pretty tired, a bit run down, a bit burned out, after Javalina.  Every time I tried to run, I felt slow, and heavy, and my legs hurt.  But Sunday, I finally felt back to my old self - slightly less slow.

2.  Tuesday night, I went to the grocery store.  And bought meat.  That's right: meat. I have't bought meat in over 10 years. I felt like Rip Van Winkle.  I haven't been in the meat aisle all this time - I avoided it, and called it the murder aisle.   I walked up and down the aisle, puzzling over what it was I used to buy, compared to what was available now.  I still have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but I can't eat soy, and there's so much you can do with eggs.  Something had to give.  I finally settled on some frozen chicken breast fillets and lean ground turkey.  Ever had cheesy potatoes hamburger helper made with lean ground turkey after a run?  Mmmmmm.

1.  Have I mentioned diet cranberry juice and diet mountain dew (1:2 ratio)?  No?  Hmm.  But what is up with the people in my office who look at the 2l bottle of Mt. Dew and say, "that will kill you, ya know."  I mean, these are people who come in reeking of cigarettes.  Is there something that I haven't read?

Never mind. I don't care. I love it. BZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

I ignore the heart palpitations.



  1. #10 sounds awesome!!! I ran one of my very first marathons to celebrate turning 30 (why do we do these things to ourselves as celebration? LOL). Love all your new race photos!

  2. I love all the race photos! Congrats to your hubby!

  3. You could always run Boston by applying to one of the charities. That's how my friends who will never qualify did it three times.

    I have a great recipe for a Chicken Burger with avocado and chive mayo. If you want it let me know.

  4. congrats to Baboo! I can't imagine 5:30 at this point in my life, much less 3:30.

    however, the marathon I do AFTER I turn 40 will be the Marine Corps Marathon, and I think the cutoff for that one is 5:30. if I can't actually be a Marine, I'll settle for having one put a finisher medal around my neck at the end. plus: Marines at aid stations=eye candy. heh.

    regarding meat eating: consider, if you will, humanely raised and butchered meat. organic, pasture fed, free range, etc. to my mind, the disgusting part about commercially raised meat is the manner in which it is raised, not that it dies to be consumed. if you consider that everything must die, then the quality of life becomes the bigger issue. at least, it does for me.

    re: cost. yeah, it's more expensive, but it also tastes better. my .02. ymmv and all of that.

  5. Good race pics, you look awesome! Congrats to Baboo on BQ!

  6. Misc unsolicited feedback, FWIW YMMV.....

    #13 - I thought I was the only one doing twice a day! I sometimes stop for a bit if it's making me too obsessive which shows up in my eating behavior and in far too much thinking about food and doing calorie math. Some folks advise 1/wk max but I've seen studies saying daily weighing is an essential part of successful long-term weight control success, maybe because it keeps you aware of even small changes so nothing goes too far. Not like you can give up food the way you can give up other things, and it's just so yummy....easy to slip slide away. Maybe you just really want to preserve what you've worked so hard to accomplish.

    #10 - Oh my God! So bad ass!

    #7 - Yeah, that was me Thanksgiving week and the week after. Ugh, wouldn't want that twice.

    #5 - woo hoo!

    #4 - WOO HOO BABOO!
    (BQ envy, not pretty, hiding face)

    #2 - Try ostrich (especially ground, use for hamburger patties), which has a great nutritional profile, and bison (buffalo), especially in steak form. Whole Foods or buy online (we get Blackwing brand but there are other good ones too). To me they both taste like very good beef. Ostrich is very lean, and some cuts of bison are as well, so be careful not to overcook or let them dry out when cooking. Great on a charcoal/gas grill, also great just cooked on a stove. Grass fed beef (Whole Paycheck again) is also quite good, and usually available organic, non hormoned etc.

    #1 - heart palps, yikes, no fun

    Love the green calf sleeves, mine are bright blue.

  7. I used to weigh myself everyday if not more then once a day. I have to say it made me crazy! If the scale said something I didn't like (which it did quite often) it ruined my whole day. My mood changed, I was upset, felt fat, etc,etc. That was 20 years ago. One day I just lost it and destroyed the scale. (hard to do with the medal ones). There have been times since then that I have been on a scale but not many. I won't let the Dr's weigh me during visits. Not worth the mental torture. I think most of us who have focused on our weight know when we have lost/gained weight. To be honest, the reason I don't get on it is because I know what power it has on my mood. I wish it didn't but it does. I was a heavy kid and it is hard for those of us who have battled weight issues.
    It looks like you have come a long way. I hope you feel proud of that :) Sorry for the long post but your comment about weighing yourself so much just spoke to me. I get it, I really do.
    Stay strong!


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