Thursday, December 30, 2010

13 things I did Right, and 13 things I want to do. A Thursday Double Feature.

Dear Diary,

Many good things happened this year, and those I am willing to take credit for.  At the very least, I'm determined to focus on the good things that happened, rather than the bad, and the things I plan to do.  

A.  Thirteen things I did right in 2010.

Training run at 10,000 feet with
Sweet Baboo, kind of the cool running
13.  I followed a training plan.  I mean, really followed it.  To understand this, understand this: In the past, I only did about half the training I was supposed to do.  This might explain why I never got much faster in the past four years.

12.  One may recall that for several years, it was my dream and my goal for each year to break a 10-minute mile.  After a few years, I gave up, and stopped talking about it.
And then, in May, on MOTHER'S DAY, it happened.  My oldest timed me during the annual Jay Bensen sprint triathlon for me.  "So how long did the 5k take me?"

"Twenty-seven and 29 seconds," he replied.

"No," impatiently, I shook my head.  "You screwed up.  I've never done a 5k that fast."  He didn't argue, good boy that he is, but he was right: I'd run a 9:30 mile.  And then, a few months later, I ran a 9-minute mile.
Do I look satisfied?
I do.  My 5K PR, 28.06
Close...oh, so close
11.  I PR'd on every race I did after that. Every 10k was faster.

10. I ran my half marathons faster.

9. I ran my full marathons faster.

Something I actually did right.
8.  I finished the first year of my 2-years of internship this year, bringing me that much closer to my third master's degree and hopefully, the end of my schooling.

7.  Oldest son left the Army, where I had pretty much forced him to go back in 2002.  He arrived, intact, well-groomed, and responsible.  So apparently, I did that right.  That's one kid I don't think I screwed up too badly.

Her Dogness, the Chloe.
Picture doesn't capture the soulful look.
6.  I got a dog.
I, who hates needy (HAAAAAATES IT) got a dog.  I adore her big brown nose and golden eyes.  She was a shelter dog, and is mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She is teaching me patience.  You'd have thought work would have done that, but no: that's work.  She is at home.  I am learning patience at home.  And no matter how snippy I am when I come home, no matter how late or early, she adores me and is always happy to see me.  Did I say happy?  ECSTATIC.  I mean, Sweet Baboo is happy to see me, but he doesn't wag his tail so hard that his whole body waggles.

5.  Finally, the right thyroid meds, training, and diet formed a trifecta of weight loss.  Thirty pounds!

Himself, finishing 102 miles.  Climbed
2 mountains, twice, to finish.
4.  I crewed Sweet Baboo for two of his 100-milers, most notably the grueling Leadville 100.

It was a privilege and an honor to urge him through, to watch him suffer and then recover, to watch his pride and satisfaction when he finished and know that I had a part of that.
October 2010
Javalina Jundred
The best buckle.  Ever. 

3.  I completed my longest distance this year, a 100K.

2.  I made peace with my past, and with part of my present. Almost.  Sorta. Okay, still working on that.

1.  I renewed my commitment to the wisest, kindest, best man I know, who is my best friend.  After 10 years, he still surprises me, but in a good way.  In fact, in the best of ways.  After ten years, he makes me laugh and smile and think, and he is the only person I want to keep me warm on any night, even when I don't need to be kept warm.
Me and Elvis, Las Vegas, 2010
December 2010,
Death Valley Trail Marathon

Thirteen things I want to do in 2011.._..--~\/~--.._..

13.  I want to hire a dog whisperer of my own so that the world's greatest dog becomes even more awesome.

12.  Three words: Sub-Nine. Minute. 10K.  (Or at the very least, I'd like to break one hour on a 10K)

11.  Reach 137 lbs, which is 20% bodyfat. (According to my Tanita, I started at 40% bodyfat, and am now around 31%. )

10.  I'd like to break two hours in a half marathon (current PR is 2:24, so I have a ways to go.)

9.  I'd like to break a 5 hour road marathon (current PR is 5:13).

8.  I'd like to break a 7 hour 50K trail run.  (current PR is 7:53).

7.  Finish up my coursework.  Forever.  FOREVER!  HAHAHAHAHAHA! 

6.  Get my final internship placement at either the VA or Adult Protective Services.  I think I'm ready to try  working with grownups now.  (My fantasy) would be to get a job that I'm applying for at the VA this spring.  If I did, there is a loophole that allows one to make a job that they've been at for less than 6 months as their internship.  If that happened, I could graduate in August.  As it is, I'm looking at May 2012.

5.  Follow all my training plans for 2011.

4.  Finish the Jemez 50k, that I had to DNF on last year.

3.  Finish the Rocky Racoon 50 miler (February) in under 14 hours, and the final Ghost Town 38.5 in less than 10 hours (January).

2.  Eat, well, cleaner.  I started eating meat again in 2010, but I let my eating get a little sloppy.  I need to back up a bit. There were far more fried things and things soaked in butter than was needed for 2010.  

1. Beat Sweet Baboo in a race.  He's going to raise his eyebrows when he sees this.  Now, I realize how crazy an idea this is.  But everyone has an off day, right?  I don't expect to make this goal in 2011.  It might take longer.  It might be a 20 yard dash.  In fact, I may never make it.  But the goal and the challenge will keep me busy and working.



  1. An idea for #1. Be creative with your race definitions. Get the SB to sign up for a 12 hour race, you sign up for the same race, but the 24 hour version. (It worked for me this year with my brother, he ran 84-something miles in 12 hours, I ran 85-something miles in 24 hours and beat him!) I recommend the FANS 12 and 24 hour runs in Minnesota, bonus is another state crossed off your list.

  2. Great achievements and great goals! Happy New Year to you and Baboo.

  3. Love this! You've come a long way and 2011 looks like it'll be very exciting. Happy New Year!

  4. Why am I sitting here thinking that every single one of the things you CAN be in charge of and control, you WILL succeed? I won't be surprised at all. Happy New Year!

  5. Congratulations on your great accomplishments this year! And here's to an even more successful 2011!

  6. It sounds like you had an excellent year! It's great to read and gives me hope. I look forward to seeing your reach your goals in 2011!

    As for beating 'him' in a race. Might I suggest a 'Skirt Chaser' race? It's a 5K in which the women get a 3 minute head start and the winner is the one who crosses the finish line first :D - Sure, it's winning on a technicality, but it's winning! :D

  7. And I suppose you STILL want me to coach you...


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