Thursday, March 03, 2011

13 Random things, more or less related.

Dear Diary,

13. LOOKISM. Oldest son, who is a computer science major and apparently Part-time Sith Lord.  In his spare time, he plays world of warcraft.  He dresses all in black, head to toe, and he's tall. I make small, motherly comments from time to time about grooming and clothing choices.  So there's the set-up.

Now, he rides his bike and takes the bus.  One day at the bus stop a car jumped the curb and hit him.  He wasn't hurt, but he was knocked about 10 feet.  No ill effects.  A woman sitting next to him had a crushed leg.  Afterwards, another woman approached him and said, "You saved my life, you know."

Puzzled, he asked how.
"Well, I was going to sit there next to you, but you looked kinda creepy, so I didn't. "

Moral of the story: Don't ever let anyone put you down because you don't look the way they think you should.  You might just save someone's life.

12.  OOF!  Here is Saturday's run.  It was designed by Himself, the Baboo.  Of course.
It is exactly as much fun as you think it would be.
Yes, it is as punishing as it looks.  About 4 miles were missing, somewhere in the middle.  I'm not sure why.  I did this run with a good friend, which is the best way to do such a run, IMHO.

11.  On said run (above) as I approached around where it says mile 8 - see up there, where it's nice and flat?  (actually, it was mile 12)  at that point on the trail, it was wide, smooth, and groomed.  So of course, I went sprawling.  I tripped over something, as it dawned on me that that my foot had not cleared that last log I was leaping over, and I had a lot of momentum behind me, I was thinking


as the ground got closer and closer....I went down hard, slid for a while on my back on the jagged pea gravel that covers everything in the foothills, and found myself with with many little jagged holes in the heels of my hands.  
SWTriGal told me it the most beautiful fall she ever saw.  Apparently, I rolled just like I was supposed to, she said.  I don't remember that.  I just remember sprawling.  
What made it even more embarrassing was that I'd just gotten through telling SWTriGal that I had an advantage on the tiny, narrow trails because I competed on the balance beam in gymnastics when I was little. Of course, when I got on the wide, easy to stay on trail, I fell like a rag doll.  

10.  SHOES.  Last week I wrote about my new trail shoes.  After 14 miles of very challenging trail, I didn't  notice them.  I'll be trying them on some flatter trails soon, but I have a good feeling about them. .   

9. DAUGHTER arrived safely on the plane.  Her self esteem is at a lifetime low; a notable happening for a girl who has always been bubbly, effusive, and giggly.  But, the 2nd day after we arrived we went over to a local boutique that sells plus-sized clothing they offered her a deal: come in a model new arrivals on a Saturday and then get a nice discount on whatever she wants to buy.
She wasn't sure she wanted to do it, and I said, what's the worst that can happen?  I also told her, nobody has ever asked me to model clothing.  She brightened a bit, tentatively.
I hate to see that.  She used to be wildly and inappropriately enthusiastic and everything and anything, even more wildly and inappropriately optimistic than myself.  I hope I can help her get that back.

8. QUOTE:  There are limits to what the human body can endure.  Go find them.  (Unknown).

7. JOY.  Monday, I bagged up my running stuff and took it to work.  After work, I went to where my night classes are 90 minutes early.  Right next door to where I take my classes is a branch of the YMCA.  I changed, and ran on a treadmill for an hour before class.  Here are my observations:
  • I forgot how sweaty you get running indoors. For Tuesday, I packed a sweatband.
  • I felt self conscious in spandex shorts sitting in class.  For Tuesday, I packed one of my running skirts.
  • I was also COLD.  For Tuesday, I packed a nice warm fleece hoodie.  
  • The high schooler who took the treadmill next to me could not run as long as I did. BOOyah.  
  • I was the only happy person in the classroom.  Seriously.  The teacher asked us for one word to describe our current mood, and the room was full of graduate students with calling out "stressed!" and "frustrated!".  I called out "Happy!" and was the only one.  Ah, the magic of a good run.

6.  HOPE.  Aside from being happy, I have new hope that I'll be able to stay up on my training during the spring.

5.  FAITH. I believe I'll actually be able to finish the Jemez 50K in May.  This is the one I had to ditch last year because after making the first climb up to about 9000 feet, I could go up any more and bailed and did the half.  This year I'll finish it.

4.   LOVE. When I wear my pink fuzzy robe, my gray tabby sits behind me and grooms me.  I think that's the closest to love that a cat can express.

And then for me, there's Fried K.
3. GLUTTONY.  Monday night the teacher gave us a 15 minute break.  I went out to my car to get a jacket, because I was cold.  I'm not sure what happened next.  It's all a blur - but next thing I knew, I was in my car, headed down the road to KFC.  I made it, too.  I came back with my Kryptonite before the end of the break and sat there smugly while others looked at me, enviously.  
This is not good.  I'm getting too good at being bad.  I think I'll have to leave my debit card at home so that I can't do that any more.

2. SLOTH.  I gained two pounds during February, probably because I was recovering from Rocky and eating too much.  But no worries: I'll make up for it on March 12th, when I run in the "Run Through Time" marathon in Salida, Colorado, on my 46th birthday.  I'll finally have my Colorado marathon: state #11.

1. LUST.  This: (from Skirt Sports). Gym Girl ultra in pink crush, and Wondergirl Tank.
Oh, yeah.  You know you want it.  Unless you're a guy.  And maybe even then.

I feel bad that guys don't get to buy cool stuff like this.  The closest they come is maybe getting some stuff from Running Funky or Dirty Girl gators.

But then agani, they get all that testosterone and muscle, so maybe this makes it even.



  1. Your 13 things always makes me laugh. I desperately want one of the new running skirts (Gym Girl Ultra, baby!) from Skirt Sports. I like that pink one, but there's a purple pattern to die for too!

  2. beautiful skirt! Your girl will get her mojo back--hopefully soon.

  3. The clothes are darling. Yes, now I want them. What's more, I'm going to run my first marathon, so I may just convince myself that I deserve them.

    On my first ever trail race, I fell hard twice, both times on the flattest portion of the trail. I'm also known for falling on pavement, too, though, and have no balance beam experience on which to fall back. :)

  4. 13 is an absolute crackup!!!

  5. I just got the gym girl ultra in the black power print to celebrate cutting 30 minutes off my 1/2 marathon time. My skirt and I are going for a run this weekend to celebrate :-)

  6. Love the new outfit. Hope you get your wish.

    I'm excited by your daughter project. She'll have to earn her own self esteem back, but she's got you, and I'm sure she'll be doing better soon. Convey my good wishes from the ether...



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