Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stupid things I run for.

Dear Diary,

So This morning I went to the Women In Training workout as a volunteer.  These are all women, training for their very first 5k.  I loved every minute of it, and tried not to be too creepy as I happily eavesdropped on their conversations with each other about why they started running.
- so I told him, I'm not dying first, were going to the nursing home together.
- I just want to set a good example for my kids, you know?
- I just wanted to see if I could.

Then I led a group on a one-minute on, one-minute off run/walk for forty minutes.  I have an orange wicking shirt now that says Volunteer on it.  I feel privileged.  I feel old and wise and shit.

okay! Were going up a Little bit of a hill here! Remember: little steps, little steps!

It's not a SkirtSports design yet...  

Of course, I don't know if it would make sense to any of them to know how ridiculously happy I was to find out that they are serving bacon at the big horn 50 mile trail run I'm doing in June.

 My daughter said, geez, mom.  You keep going on and on about the bacon, and I spouted off about how during a long run I often do not not want to eat anything, and it is often the case that extreme measures are needed to get me to eat.

Such as, for instance, Nutella.

Or bacon.

This was all completely true, of course.  But completely irrelevant.

There are things I simply do not keep at home.  It's like caviar.  You don't keep caviar around the house. But if someone offered some to you, you'd take a hit because, well, after all, its caviar.

I also don't keep liquor around the house, for various unfair reasons relating to my genetic loading.  But if someone at a party offered me some amaretto, dude, I'm all over it.   So it's kinda like that, except that it's bacon.  Or Nutella.  or in the case of a certain local 4 mile run that occurs in March every year, Bailey's Irish Cream in tiny paper shot glasses at mile 2.

Gatorade, schmatorade. Hic.
Give me a shot.
Nobody has thought of getting Krispy Kreme as an ultra running sponsor, but if they did, I know at least one other woman who would be all over that race.

Meanwhile.  Theres this 100 mile trail ultra in Alabama.  I've already got my Alabama marathon. I also don't like Alabama all that much, mainly because I've been there, done that. But I hear there are s'mores at one of the aid, they just might get me yet. 


  1. Also, fried egg sandwiches at the Pinnacle aid station.

  2. I don't love donuts, even Krispy Kremes, but there's a local bike race I do every year just because they take 5 minutes off your time for each donut you eat during the race. How can you not be a part of such an event? :) And for me, it's pretty much my only chance for an AG victory.

  3. The Krispy Kreme Challenge ( sells out every year.

    I'd love to race it, but a 5k seems like an Ultra in this stage of my racing career. I'll get there, someday (soon)!

  4. I love bacon...and there is nothing wrong with that! Thanks for making me laugh!!

  5. best aid station food I ever got was a cheese quesadilla at Bandera. I think I would have a seizure of joy if someone handed me a krispy kreme during an ultra.


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