Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trivial things to think about: I has them.

13.  I got the Tetris app for my iPad. I've discovered I suck as badly as it as I always have.  But I enjoy it just the same.  I'm hoping someone will come out with the Dr. Mario app.  Blissss!

UPDATE: I just was notified that there is an app for that: Flu Fighter. I'm going to look into this later and see if I want to pay for it. 

I LOVED Dr. Mario.  In fact, multi-tasking queen that I am, I used to breastfeed while playing Dr. Mario on the Nintendo.  No lie. 

12.  On my summer reading list, if I can stop playing Tetris and sudoku long enough to read:
 11.  This summer, I will finish the fantasy exercise room I started last fall.  This will involve the following:
  • Taking all my clothes that need to be altered to the tailor so they aren't piled up in this room.  There are a bunch of these, and I'll have to pick away at them over the next couple months.
  • Taking clothes "on probation," that I haven't worn, to Goodwill. Or maybe selling them on ebay.
  • Listing the computer hutch on Ebay to be sold.
  • Moving the dreadmill from the garage (have you done this? I may have to hire someone; these things are heavy.)
  • Mounting some sort of medium-screened TV/computer monitor on the wall in front of the dreadmill, for playing movies and exercise videos. 
10.  I am currently tapering for Big Horn, in June, my last "A" race of the year. Here is the profile for Bighorn:

I have five hours to make it to the Footbridge aid station at mile 18.  After that I think most of the cutoffs are workable for me. 

9.  Runs I want to do for the rest of the year, after Bighorn will be mostly 10Ks and half marathons.  Here is what I'm thinking:
  • Some 10K up in Colorado in about 3 weeks, whose name I can't remember.
  • Several 10ks (local) in June, July, and a couple this fall
  • A few local half marathons in August, September, and a local marathon in October.
  • A couple of sprint triathlons, one in August and one in December.
  • 8/7 - La Luz Trail Run (9 miles)
  • October: Sandia Crossing (25 miles - this is a mountain in back of my house; you start at one end , climb up about 4000-5000 feet or so, and cross it along the ridge.
8.  I attended the first internship meeting at the VA where I noted with satisfaction that I was probably the oldest intern in attendence (six were selected) but I'm pretty sure I could outrun everyone there.

I was informed that the three-day orientation to working at the VA, otherwise known as "Life In  a Beurocracy" and "Acronyms 101" (my names, not theirs) would begin in middle to late July, some time.  And, that the internship would start immediate after that.  Once I start my internship, it's four 10-hour days per week at the children's treatment facility where I work, and two 8-hour days at the VA.

7.  I'm really bummed that Garmin doesn't have an app for that.

6.  I have a poster up on my wall that is very timely for the Jemez experience that I had Saturday: CHALLENGES

5. Did I mention I'm done with my coursework? I really don't know what to do with myself these days.  I'm still kind of hypervigilant about my time, imagining that anything and everything will just suck it away. I wonder how long it takes to get over that.

4. So this was my first recovery hike/run after Jemez:

 3.  I'm back up to 149/150 at this point, but the clothes aren't fitting any differently, so I'm not worried. Of course, eating two Lean Cuisine meals a day probably isn't helping any, but I'm just so darned hungry all the time these days. 

I suppose that one regular healthy meal would be cheaper than two Lean Cuisines a day, too.  Then again, I eat a first lunch around 10:30, and a second lunch around 2:30.  They're around 230 calories each.  I'm thinking that I should just start packing leftovers in two containers and eating them that way.  Hmm.

2. I confess my addiction to Groupon.  Actually, it's not a true addiction. It's just that, for a long time, I've looked at a couple of self-indulgences, namely, spa treatments and cleaning services, and always turned them down as being too expensive.  With Groupon, I get them cheaper, at least 50% off.  Monday, I had a Groupon day:  I took the day off from work, and did the following:
  • I had a maid service come and clean two years of dust off my baseboards, woodwork, mirrors, and floors.  
  • I had a massage that was so awesome that I fell asleep for a few moments in the middle of it.  It was with a complete stranger, and I made the decision not to talk, which made it even better.  
  • I then went to my favorite all-you-can eat binge bar and had a meat fest.
  • I went and had my car vacuumed and washed, while I waited, which wasn't long. 
  • I then got a large pizza for himself and the Daughter, and a salad for me, for $1.68, which of course meant no cooking.
Then yesterday, I was noticing that my feet are badly in need of a pedicure, and what should cross my email today?   Pedicure AND manicure and herbal wrap....hmm. 

1.  Okay, so this is bragging, but I have to say this: there is a woman I work with, a psychiatrist, I think she's in her late forties or early fifties.  Anyway.  She was asking me about my Jemez run, and I was describing it to her, and she made some sort of comment about how it would be "great to have" all my "energy" and then asked, how old are you anyway?


>cricket< >Cricket<

What?  You're forty six?  I though you were a lot younger that that...

OHHHH, Yeah.  Nothin'; feels better than that.  :-)))))


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  1. Reading list sounds good. And what a great day off!

    You are an inspiration for me, I have to tell you. I turn 45 next month and am working on my app for grad school (writing program, not part of my past/current career but hopefully my future one). It will take time, energy and $, with no guarantees, so it's kinda scary, but if not now, when, right? Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow at all, so might as well go for it. And I continue to work my way back to being able to train for marathons, and eventually (much improvement reqd) to BQ.

    I am glad things are going well for you and all your hard work is paying off. Your daughter has an excellent example to follow.

  2. I clearly need to pay better attention to Groupon.

    Your #1 is awesome. Such a good feeling. Yesterday at my son's high school graduation, we were talking to the nice older couple in front of us and asked who they were there for. They told us their grandson's name. Then they asked who we were there for. I told them my son. They gave a suprised look and said they had thought I was one of the graduates' sisters. Lovely. Yes, I cried during graduation, but I smiled for the rest of the day. :)

  3. I've been reading 'radical acceptance' on your suggestion (in my ample spare time) - Love It!

    and What The Effing Hell? You *still* haven't read 'Hitchhiker's Guide'?



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