Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wyoming. WHY. Why Wyoming? WHYOMING.

So last month, I was told that I had to get a root canal. I decided to put to off until after the 50 miler.. In retrospect, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then the day beforee THE DAY BEFORE my flight, the nerve was breached. That was Tuesday. At this time I am taking three each of Tylenol and advil every four hours. It barely takes the edge off. More on this as it develops. Meanwhile, I'm running out of places to chew. When I try to eat, a pain shoots through my mouth that I haven't experienced since childbirth. Hey, maybe I'll finally lose that last ten lbs.

After a picture was circulated of eight feet EIGHT FEET of snow being cleared from the course, we were notified of the new course. We were also notified that it would be lots of muddy. Yes, that right: 50 miles of mud. Yay.

So, we headed oiut. The plan: fly to Denver, pick up a rental car and drive to Sheridan, WY.

The Denver airport...well, what can I say except that it's an experience in acceptance, and waiting. Wait for your baggage, which I can only imagine is hand walked, two at a time, by elderly baggage carriers to the claim area, where you are given absolutely no indication which carousel has your bag. Then walk to the shuttle area f
To get your rental car, where, mysteriously, the first twos shuttles that reached us were already full.

During the six hour drive to Sheridan from Denver, we did one of our favourite past-times: audiobooks, We listened to Al Frankin's "Lies and the Lying Liars that said them" which, not only hilarious, but through the use of actual references that can be easily checked, sheds light on how lies,scare tactics, and exaggerations are used to mislead the American voting population. I highly recommend it. Then we listened to "Once a Runner" all on the way to Sheridan, Which put me to sleep. Or maybe that was the carbs.

Wyoming reminds me of South Dakota. Lots of rolling hills and grass. Except that the soil seems thinner where we were, so maybe it was more like what new Mexico would be liked if it got more rain. Thre is some jagged landforms that tell me it's not too far from a period of volcanism. Or maybe it's glacial moraine stuff. Who remembers earth science 101?
Anyway, its gorgeous here, and smells really, really good. I'm all full of Chinese super buffet food now, so I'm going to sleep.


  1. Enjoy Wyoming! Just watch out for the snakes...!

  2. Have a great race!


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