Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: The Year in Bling.

Dear Diary,

It behooves me to assure you that Sweet Baboo does, in fact, run roughly twice as many miles as I do in any given week.

As I recap my year (and idea I stole from SuperKate) I want to find some, I will write about my accomplishment and the food I ate afterwards.  That way you won't think I am some sort of health nut.

Finishing the Ghost Town 38.5
13. I kicked off the year when I ran the Ghost Town 38.5, which I finished faster than last year.  Then I ate a foot long Subway Albuquerque Turkey.

RR 50 miler medal
12. February, i completed the Rocky racoon 5
0-miler. My goal was to do it in less time then the last time I did it, when I walked the whole thing in 18 hours.  I finished it a hair under 12 hours.  Then I ate lots of Popeyes fried chicken and potatoes.

Run Through Time Marathon: Colorado.
...but the shirt was nice.
11. March, for my birthday, I ran the Run Through Time trail marathon in Colorado, which made me swear Like a sailor and hate Colorado. For a little while.  Afterwards, we had steaks.

I also ran the Green Dress Run, in March, a 4 mike trail run. I can't remember what I ate afterwards, but I know I ran there and then back home, adding another 4 miles.

10. In April, I ran the Albuquerque half marathon.  The last weekend of April and the first weekend in May, two consecutive weekends, I ran the Nashville Country Music Marathon, the Flying Pig Marathon, the Wisconsin Marathon, and the Kalamazoo Marathon. I PR'd at the Wisconsin marathon, which was cool, flat, and sea level, 4:47.   I did this to see if I could, and to earn two imaginary stars next to my name on my marathon maniac's page.  After each of these, I ate a lot but they were such whirlwind weekends I can't remember what. I also earned 4 more states toward my goal of running a marathon or longer distance in every state.
Jemez 50K award
9. Also in May, I completed the Billy the Kid sprint triathlon, and the Jemez 50k, which is the first 50k I had DNF'ed, in 2010. Good thing, too: the mountains of Jemez caught on fire this summer, stayed on a fire for a while, and are pretty much off my radar for running for the next few years. I also placed 2nd in my age division at the tiny Acoma Seed run, an 8 mile run through Acoma Pueblo territory, for which the placing prizes are Native American pottery. 
Acoma Seed Run Prize

Big Horn 27 miles.  I'm keeping
the socks, and wearing them.
8. In June, I began the 50 miler at Big Horn, and had to stop at miles 27 for being 10 minutes behind a cutoff.  After the race, while waiting for himself to finish the 100 miler, I ate a bratwurst, cheeseburger, and slaw.  I'm keeping the t-shirt.  Also that month, the Cherry Garcia 10k.  Afterwards, I ate ice cream and pizza.

7. July, I ran the Chunky Monkey 10k.  This, along with the Cherry Garcia run the month before, was held in the early evening, when it was about 95 degrees.  Afterwards, I ate ice cream, sweet breads, and pizza.

6. August, I ran the La Luz trail run, a 9 miles race that begins around 6000 feet above sea level and finishes at 10,800 at Sandia Peak. I met my goal of coming in under 3 hours.  I had green chile stew, a burrito, and other fine New Mexican fare.

Flying Pig Marathon:
The Finish Swine.
5. In August, I had the pleasure of walking the last half mile, along with several friends, of my good friend Mark's first hundred miler at Leadville.  During the summer I gained 5 more pounds because I just ate, and ate, and ate and stopped tracking my food.

4. In September, I crewed himself at the Wasatch 100 miler.  I also
The ankle that cost me Washington.
 completed the Bear Chase 50k and the Dam-to-Dam 10k.

Stupid ankle.
Stupid photographer.
3. In October, I twisted my ankle at the Defiance 50k and had to drop at mile
20. I'm keeping the vest.  I had to skip the Duke City marathon, to be safe, but ran the Pumpkin Chase 10k, getting a new 10k PR.  Afterwards, I had steak and eggs.

SA Marathon
2. November, I ran the San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon. Afterwards, I had two separate meals at the San Antonio and Dallas Love Field airports, respectively. I had cheese, salmon, and wine; and cheese fries.  It should be no surprise that during the fall I gained 5 more pounds. I ran the 4 mile Thanksgiving Day run at the end of the month.
Holiday Lights on the Riverwalk, San Antonio.
1. December, I didn't do any more races.  But I made a resolve not to drink any more. I just got to drinking way too much. I also started tracking my food again and watching my portion sizes. I lost four pounds.


Predictions and plans for 2012 (warning: unreasonable optimism ahead)

I will be completing 7 months of internship in the acute psychiatric ward of a local hospital, two days a week. I am currently working out how my training plan will work around that.  I plan to run as many of the local 10ks and half marathons as 8 can.

I will be below 150 by March.

I will complete the Shiprock Marathon in May.

I will complete the Vermont 100k in June.

I will enter the lottery for La Luz again, and they will pick me.

I will receive my third AND FINAL master's degree in August, and then receive my LMSW, giving me more dtoletters after my name than Baboo has. buwahahaha.

I will be crewing for himself at Western States, Leadville, and Wasatch 100-milers, respectively. Very interested in company, if anyone wants to eat high sodium, fatty foods and be sleepless and hollow-eyed for 24 hours....hint hint...

I will be below 145 by the end of August.

I will be offered a fabulous, better-paying job closer to my house.

I will get two dental implants beforre the end of the year.

I will complete my first hundred miler at the Javalina Jundred in October.

I will on my marathon and 10k times, under 4:45 and 1 hour, respectively.

My daughter will finish job corps and start a newer, more stable life.

My youngest son will finish his first year of college and get a decent job while he finishes the rest.

I will be below 140 by the end of the year.

My hair will turn blonde, all by itself, and stay that way, without any need for chemicals.
Even though I didn't finish all 30 miles in washington, I ate.  This is
redvelvet cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.
This is a shrimp club sandwich and sweet potato fries at the Cheesecake
Factory, the best sandwich I ever had in my whole life.  

My legs will become naturally hair-free.

And my eyes will sparkle.

My breath will become naturally sweet, even first thing in the morning after I've drunk cocoa before bed.

And I, I will be completely and perfectly self actualized.

All right, fates. Time to get moving.

2011: The Year in Bling.


  1. I think the "what I ate" feature was the perfect addition.

    If I lived closer, I'd be all about helping you crew. It sounds like a blast...and by "blast" I mean potentially a good story after I sleep for a day and definitely good experience.

    I start grad school Tuesday. I'm eagerly anticipating the combination of full time work, 2 night classes, and training. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but that doesn't ensure my family's safety.

  2. great post!

    I did the half at the Wisconsin Marathon. I loved it. I keep telling everyone about the flushing portapots because I had never seen those before at a race and well it's the little things that count!

    Sounds like you have a great ideas for this year to!

  3. That's a pretty fantastic year...and now I'm starving. Looking forward to reading about the awesomeness of 2012!

  4. Great recap... I loved the food portion of it. :)

    I can definately help crew WS100 if you are still interested.

  5. This may sound corny, but you are my inspiration!!

  6. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Crewing western is exhausting fun...! (and great secenery... &I mean looking at the male runners! ha!)

  7. hysterical! I love the new years resolutions!! Here's to another great year of running (and eating)!

  8. Fascinating blog! I'm planning on running my first ultramarathon this year and I'd love any tips or advice you might have to give. I don't actually KNOW anyone who has ever run an ultra... not a super popular past time here in Mobile, AL.


  9. I can't believe your legs aren't already naturally hair free.....


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