Friday, December 02, 2011

What I think, and what I know.

Dear Diary,

Here is what I think, and what I know.

13. I know it's forcast to be a high A HIGH of 34 this Sunday, the day of a sprint triathlon I signed up for, and a low A LOW the day before and the day of the triathlon of about 20.

12. I think I am not going to swim, bike, and run in that shit.

11. I know that the Gelish basix kit and the light that I bought with it maybe the best investment I ever made. Shiny, shiny nails, I love you. You stand up to scouring a blackened pot.

10. I think that the weekend I spent with Baboo in San Antonio after Thanksgiving maybe a better weekend than most people have in their life.  IN THEIR LIFE. No, don't argue. You won't win.

9. I know that the Panasonic electric epilator I bought is a very iffy proposition.  I know that I will study carefully and procede with caution.

8. I think i maybe am the world's clumsiest woman. I was standing in line at the base exchange this week, and rolled my ankle. i shit you not. Standing there. The soldiers and airmen around me were AMAZED. I got that incredulous, gosh, are you okay ma'm? while i recovered my balance and muttered, yes, thank you.

8. I know that I am seriously behind on my running, owing to the molar I had pulled this week.  and also due to the preparations I have been making for Sweet Baboo's return.

7. I think, that is I am pretty sure, that I swallowed a loose crown this week. 

6. I know I am not going to try to retrive it. bye-bye, loose crown. Hello, kentucky woman.

5. I think that my blind kitten needs a tiny football helmet.  BONK. I also think it must be a necessary part of her development to always be under my left foot as I am putting it down, so that I can hear the frantic SCREEK!! And then almost fall over to avoid stepping on her.  I also think her development somehow involves lying very close to me while I sleep and swatting me on the mouth.

4. I know that Sweet Baboo is coming home, at least by Tuesday. 

3. I think he'll be pleased with some of the changes I made during the month that he's been gone.  I rearranged some things, and got new bedding.  This weekend, I will put up Christmas lights. 

2. I know that this month went better than I thought it would; and yet, I am glad it's over.

1. I think the the Jonster and I need to talk about picking up after onesself.  After all, winter is in full swing, and I could very easily accidentally lock him out of the house. 


  1. You sound happy, clumsiness and crowns notwithstanding. :)

    I wouldn't be swimming in that shit, for sure.

  2. Glad you are back posting :) Enjoy the weekend and prepare for Sweet Baboo's return ;-)

  3. I know about the cold as today in Omaha, NE I have already shoveled 4 inches of snow and threw about 1 ton of gravel from the drive way using the snowblower. I will pass on the weight workout tonight
    A triathlon ( the swimming portion) sounds miserable in that weather even if it occurs indoors!


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