Friday, January 20, 2012

How NOT to run. A Very late Thursday 13.

Dear Diary,

Somehow or other this post was deleted.  I don't know why.  I apologize if it doesn't match up with the comments that were made before it got deleted.

Anyway.  Here's how not to run.  Or at least, how I don't run.  Follow along.

13. The first thing I'll do is get up, yes, get up and put on my injinjs. I'll also put on my favorite pink fuzzy robe because FUCK it's cold this morning.  Then--wait--i need to feed the critters so I'll shlep into the kitchen in my fuzzy robe and black/rainbow stripe injinjis, sex goddess that I am, and pour out cat food.
And dog food.
And then let the dog out for a bit.
Then give the blind kitteh some canned food, because I feel sorry for her because she's little AND cute AND she can't see, and those other cats, well, they can have dry food because they can see and aren't as cutely pathetic.

12.Then wait for her to be done and squeak at me so I can let her down.  Meanwhile, well I really should, make some coffee...oh, and Baboo's lunch, too.  That counter is a bit dirty...Ill just wipe that off.

11.And then I forgot to take my medicine.  Oh, and wait, let the dog back in. Hmm. That door knob seems loose. i'll jist go out to the garage--FUCK-- its cold out here. I'll get a screw driver off baboo's workbench and just tighten that up, and hey, while I'm at it, I bet other doors could be tightened up, too.  

10. Right next to where the screw drivers are kept is some dry spackle. Oo, i should really fill in those nailholes.

9. I'll need my running shoes, and wow, my workout clothes closet is really messy. I'll just rearrange things thusly....there.

8. Now. Where was I? Oh, the running. I need my tights. It's cold out. I think they're...yes, here they are, under this shirt. Ew. Time to wash performance wear...

7. I should make coffee.  Geez, there's a lot of coffee grounds in there.  Those need to go out to the compost pile.

6. Wait...can't run on an empty stomach.

5.  And, can't run on a full stomach either. (i get crampy)

4. While I'm waiting, might as well start a crock pot for tonight's dinner.

3. Geez it looks crowded out in those hills. Lots of dogs off leashes because, for some reason locals choose to ignore the leash law signs and treat the foothills like their very own dog park.

2. And look at all those mountain bikers!

Gosh, it's just too late to run now.

1. Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow. I'll definitely run then.



  1. Hey! That sounds like the way I run!

  2. 8 and 7 particularly resonate with me!

  3. If you give a moose a muffin....

  4. Huh...I thought I'd commented on this. Guess not. If I had, I would've said story of my life.

    BTW, I tagged you on a random things meme if you feel like playing along. And my sympathies on your husband's injuries...crabby can't do what they want guys are no fun. And, of course, it's sad for them too.

  5. I love your Thursday 13's. I feel like I live in your #1, Tomorrow I'll Run tomorrow. I too often put off until tomorrow. Just wanted to give you a heads up I'll be tagging you in my Friday post.

  6. Oh wow, it is freshing to know others minds work just like mine!!! Distracted.... Distracted


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