Thursday, March 22, 2012

I do Albuquerque.

Dear Diary,

13. When I was having trouble making my decision last week about the jobs, I played a game that I read about once; I "tried on" each decision. I realized that when I "tried on" staying at Old Job, i felt disappointment. That's when I knew my answer. And when I talked to the CEO and told her I think it's time I moved in another direction, I felt immediate relief. It's over. Life will be simpler now.

12. Sweet Baboo informed me that I am now protected against age descrimination. Everyone over 40 is. Have a nice day.

11. I have a new project: cheapness. I've decided to dump my cable and get a good antenna, as well as Netflix and Hulu Plus streaming. Then I'm going to pit Century Link against Comcast and see who wants to give me the best deal for high speed internet. I've been reading a guy named Howard Clark, who has a web site and a book. i've had to do lots of reading. It takes a lot of studying to be a cheapskate. So far, i have picked a Wineguard antenna, and a preamp. It will be routed throught the house using the existing cable.

10. It was kind of jarring to look down the admission list at New Job and see that one of the patients was born in 1990. Wait--1990? I work on the adult unit, and since when is someone born in 1990 an adult? Then I did the math, and well, hell. i guess they are.

9. The New Job made their formal offer this week, which I accepted, and they then launched into a whole slew of things I needed to do next. One of them was to get my shot records. Wait--my what? What am I, twelve? luckily, my doc can order a blood test that "proves" I've had an MMR and write a letter for me.

8. Phase one of the Cheap Project is complete: I bought a Winegard antenna on Ebay. I'm scoping a second one, which I'll mount and I want to see if I can join the wires and then just screw it into the house where the cable used to come in. I also run to see if I can run some of this through my attic instead of it being stapled under my eaves, which is ugly. But I don't know if the heat of the attic will affect the signal. I'll have to look that up.

7. Cats have no respect for ipads. Olkokdvdgtf frsxc

6. I love that at the end of Yoga class, there is a little nap. What's not to love about that?

5. I have already been scheduled in as the "#1 PRN". There are a couple of other PRN therapist/discharge planners, but they place heavy restrictions on when they're willing to work, and no administrator wants to piece together a patchwork of people when they can have one person working entire blocks of time. I will be working most of the time, essentially a floater altough I'll have a regular gig in one area. Mysteriously, I will be working less but earning more, which is what happens when you get to work for people who actually pay a competitive rate. I will be working part time at the children's hospital, for now, but my plan is to eventually fade away, hopefully by end of summer.

4. I turned in my Application for Degree Form, and will hopefully get my MSW by the end if August.

3. I feel much more useful. I have been paid the wages of a preschool teacher for the past few years, and I suppose that's the price I pay for changing careers, but it seems to be over now. I will have sushi. And Indian curry buffet. And a five mile commute. Wait--did I mention the five mile commute? I HAVE A FIVE MILE COMMUTE. And, there's a paved bike/running path between here and there.

2. Saturday was the annual Green Dress run, which is a free handicap run put on every year, practically in my back yard. This is about a 4 mile run where they have Bailey's shots at mile 2. I did not partake of the Bailey's. I have not found it to be a performance enhancer. I overheard another runner talking about that later, "I did better this year. I think it was because I skipped the Bailey's." Duh.

Green Dress Run Profile

This is the third year I've done this race, and I suspected I did it faster than last year, but I didn't. I ran it slower. Boo. Himself the Baboo ran it in like 32 minutes. Geez.

The annual green dress run bills itself as "drag racing in the hills" Because, you are supposed to wear a green dress, no matter who you are. With that in mind, the Outlaws decided to do it in style this year:

Yes, that's me in front.

Himself the Baboo opted out of the cheerleader thing, but did wear a green dress, and darn me for forgetting to photograph it.

I sidled up to Baboo in my cheerleading dress while he was talking to some folks and said, Hey, if you want, I can wear this later. There was an awkward pause (It's so cute that I can embarass him like that) and he said, "Um, this is my wife Misty."


1. Last but not least, at New Job I am booked through the end of July, with the delightful exception of Memorial Day weekend and the Tuesday and Friday before and after. SOOOO, the Baboo and I are cashing in some frequent flyer miles, and we're coming east, y'all. In fact, the northeast. We're going to do another marathon double that weekend. Can anyone guess which two marathons we're doing??



  1. Congratulations on the decision and new job!

    We have the most basic of cable only. I was lectured yesterday by a first grader (one of my students, not my own child) on why I should get regular cable and a dvr. Pretty funny. This class is also fascinated by my racing, which has made staying on topic difficult for me bc in the lead up to this weekend's race I've much preferred talking about AR than math.

    The green dress race looks like an absolute blast.

  2. That's fantastic... what's not to love about an exciting new position that entails working less and getting paid more? Woot!

    As for the northeast, that's my neck of the woods. I predict at least one of the marathons will be Vermont. The other? Who knows? Buffalo? That's the same weekend but I think it's the same day, so probably not. Sugarloaf in Maine?

  3. Congrats on the decision! (the finally-decided-moving-on feeling is pretty nice, IIRC) New job that appreciates you, pays you better, is interesting and fulfilling for you - YESSSS! Love the photos of the mountains in your race pictures. (that race profile though, gulp)

    Just put Clark Howard's book on reserve at the library. Been thinking about cost-cutting lately. (as I hunt for new job, hoping for a good one in my new chosen field that will pay not intolerably less than what I have now....but need to accelerate due to some stuff going on at current job)

    Can't wait to hear where you'll be in northeast. I'm mid-atlantic tho, so probably won't see you. Back to back marathons - wow. You know you're somewhat inspirational in addition to being impressive, right? :)

  4. Ooooohhhh! Is one of them the Ottawa Marathon on May 27th? Because it's a kickass race weekend...ran the half last year and am doing my first 42.2 this year there. :)
    Congrats on the new job!

  5. Congratulations on the job. I will never give up satellite. How would I watch Game of Thrones? Or Walking Dead? Nope. I will go without food first.

  6. Robin - both of those shows are listed through Hulu Plus, which is about $8 per month.


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