Monday, March 05, 2012

The mysterious, disappearing post.

Dear Diary,

I was asked today why I hadn't posted for a while, and well, I had. I just posted on Wednesday. I went to look, and it's just gone. No post. No record I ever posted. Shit. I had pictures and everything.

So I'll try again.

13. Couple stuff. Sweet Baboo is doing Yoga with me. YOGA! I'm totally stoked that we have some more time together and he loves an athletic challenge. WE go to the gym at least twice a week together to do it.

12. Internship. I am their new favorite puppy. They like me, want to keep me, and promise to feed me every day. A position request has been submitted for me to fill, although I've been told that I have to interview for it >wink, wink< It's a 20 hours position, so I would be dropping to half time at my old job at the children's hospital, where I'm the diagnnostician, but it will mean a substantial raise from what I was making. Plus, the place is 10 minutes away from where I live. Oh, and in between work and home there is a starbucks. Plus, I can continue to fulfill my internship hours while I'm working, and go back to working 5 days a week, instead of six. Booyah. TOLD you I was a good employee.

11. New Bosses. They also don't work me death with the whole, oh, just one more thing...and can you make this a priority? No, I wont't be doing diagnostics, which I feel I'm very good at, and love to do...but that's okay. I have a plan in the works to return to that this fall. Meanwhile, I will be working 20 hours a week at the place where I am, and the place where I am goiing.

10. Three-syllables crazy. I wrote earlier that I've discovered that there is crazy, and then there is Ku-Ray-Zee. So now when I describe someone who's acute, sometimes I say they are three-syllables. As in:

  • I'm Misty, one of the therapists here. I was wondering if there anyone you would like us to contact while you here?
  • "Oh, yes, I told everyone. My family, all my friends...The music industry...Elvis Presley, Tom Cruise..."
  • Ah. Well, looks like you've got it covered then. Let me know if you think of anyone you forgot.
  • She rustles her sheets, arranges them in a peculiar arrangement around each foot, muttering, "One person here... " she points, in turn, to one foot, and then the other, "and one person here." Then she looks up at me, eyes narrowed. "Do you understand the procedure?"
  • I nod seriously, and point. One person here, one person there. Got it.
  • She nods. Dismisses me with a wave of her hand. I leave.

Three syllables.

9. Eating. The last couple weeks my binge eating has gotten complletely out of control. I tend to do that when I feel like my life is out of control. I go across the street from work and get two servings of hotwings. Or I buy a huge bag of chips and eat the whole thing.

Binge eating makes me feel like I have control over something. But, it's not healthy. So, I'm trying a little experiment: a single serving of oatmeal every morning, and see if that helps tame the beast. I started this morning, and worked steadily until noon before I even thought of food. Then I ate my lunch, and went back to work.

8. I learned a new word at work this week: Priapism. Google it.

7. I went hiking with a friend last week. We went on this hike. The descent involved climbing carefully over large boulders perched on a hillside. How difficult, you ask? Two and a half hours to go 5 miles. It climbed up over 2000 feet in two miles.

If you want to be a string ultrarunner, you have to be a strong hiker. I am not a fast runner, but I have passed a lot of fit people while walking. And, I have been passed in turn by even better walkers and hikers that I know I could beat in a 5k sprint.

6. I hate FaceBook timeline. There. I said it. And now, I can't switch back. I'm stuck with it.

5. Today we finally had a decent over 40s temperature morning. I headed out before dawn and ran For an hour. I finished up in the hills on the trails. The gloriously empty hills. It felt good.

4. I had my first visit with a chiropractor. I was 'adjusted'. At one point he grabbed my head and snapped my neck. I was reminded of those scenes in spy movies where the assassin sneaks up behind a guy and snaps his neck and kills him. The chiropractor warned me about what he was going to do but it was still startling to hear that loud, crackk!! I am not convinced that it helped. We shall see.

3. In two weeks I am doing the Bataan Death March memorial marathon at White Sands missle range.

This is the course. Oh, and did I mention sand? Yeah, sand. yay.

2. In April I'll watch Sweet Baboo run Boston. I am so looking forward to that vacation. Booyah.

1. So things are good. I fell good. i'm back on the trails. I'm slower than shit, but it feels good to be back out there again.




    Will you get my husband to join me?! :-)


  2. Funny, I just noticed yesterday that it had been like two weeks since you posted. I'm too lazy to actually check on why, though, so I'm glad it was a computer thing and not that you dropped off the face of the earth.

    Awesome news about the job! Such a good feeling to be wanted in a place that makes you happy.

    Good luck in your race!

  3. Well that explains it - was starting to worry. :) CONGRATS on the job, internship and bosses. So happy to see this happening for you! (and gives me hope for myself) Fighting the binge eating (late night & wkend) a bit myself. Chiro on my neck makes me nervous, sometimes I ask to skip it (tho helps some w/ TMJ and computer neck). Has helped me w/ feet, hips, knees for sure. Good luck on your race!

  4. LoL I'm one of those was wondering what was going on. The Bataan marathon was on my list of one's I would like to do. I'll be waiting for your report!

  5. I anticipate a personal worst at the Bataan. Apparently there is a section a couple miles long that is charmingly referred to as, "The sand pit."

  6. I love your posts!

  7. Finally a post to read! :)) Congrats on the new job "wink wink" ... I like it!


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