Friday, February 08, 2013

Juice fast: day 1

Dear Diary,

Last night, Baboo and I bought about $70 worth of kale, celery, strawberries, carrots, and other produce, and I juiced for about an hour to set us up for today.

8:00 am: Holy shit I'm already hungry. Maybe it's a psychological thing. Maybe. AND I'm cranky. Why do people drive 30 in a 40? Seriously, why? Is it because they're afraid of going downhill too fast? Parking brake stuck on? Some misguided attempt to save on brakes, gas, or help the rest of us slow down? This is, quite literally, a hazard when people in front of you start veering out of the way, and you're not quite sure why, and then all of the sudden you are nearly up the ass of a woman in a Subaru who is doing who knows what the eff. MOVE!!!

Interesting article:

10 am. Okay, I'm not as hungry as I was before. Maybe that's an early morning thing. That seems to be a weak time for me. I've had a juice, and lots of water with MIA in it.

noon. I just had a cup of broth, my own little personalization in this experiment. I feel a bit of a headache coming on. I'm on track, so far, to what I'm supposed to be doing. So, to keep my mind busy during my lunch break, I calculate the calories in my juice: Strawberry Delight, 240 calories. "Jack's favorite", 270.

3:00, I feel pretty good, actually. Surprising. No more headache.

The big test for me will be TV watching. I like to munch. Maybe I'll munch on broth.

4:00 I'm about to head home. i sent an email to Baboo just now and asked how he was doing. When he gets home we'll decide just how "modified" this fast will be. I'm dreaming of a whole fried chicken. Or a whole rotisserie chicken. Think I"m making that up? I am a former binge-eater, my friend. I have sat in my car in the parking lot at Walmart and eaten a whole rotisserie chicken.

"Modified" fast, by the way, is the misnomer given by big babies like me to a process that is kind of fast-like, but without going full Ghandi.


  1. You're a good wife. This sounds horrendous. :) "Luckily", my husband's idea of healthy eating is having one pop tart for breakfast instead of two.

  2. Hey Chicken is a protein, right?


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