Saturday, February 16, 2013

So far.

Dear Diary,

Here's what I've learned this year so far: Simplifying your life, easy steps in four weekends.

1. home entertainment

A. Buy an Ooma hub and get it working.

B. Get an apple Tv and get it working, or a streaming net box. (Or a smart tv that does all that)

C. Tell your cable company that you no longer want telephone or cable, just internet, thanks. Shop around for a better price on internet if you have to.

--How this simplifies your life: you will spend less money (100 a month in some cases), and be free of the barrage of commercials that seek to convince you that you are too fat, ugly, sad, or hungry when you really aren't. You'll be more thoughtful in your entertainment, instead of just watching whatever garbage is on. You'll watch more indies and documentaries. If you need noise while you're working, Pandora is available on those streaming boxes, for free.



2. Simplify your 'friends'.

A. Delete people who you honestly don't like, or who have over 600 "friends" and you haven't communicated with in quite some time.

B. Uncheck "show in news feed" on anyone who fills your newsfeed with posts that waste time or piss you off. They won't know, and they won't be unfriended.

C. Go through your settings on Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter and get rid of all notifications. You won't get an alert or email everytime someone breathes.

--How this improves your life: you will get updates on people you truly care about and have less aggravation from wanting to argue with others. Less clutter in your email inbox. Seriously...if you weren't friends with them in school, are you friends with them now?



3. simplify your house.

A. Go through your house, room-by-room, and pull out five objects that you totally don't want or need from every room. Ask yourself when was the last time you used it. If it's more than six months, put it in a box, tape the box, and date it. In three months if you haven't gone into that box specifically to get one object, donate the box to goodwill without opening it.

B. offer cherished knick-knacks to those closest to you.

C. Ask yourself if you're really going to read those books again. Probably not. Most information is on the Internet, and books collect dust and powdery mold. So, list them on and buy some mailing envelopes. As you sell them, enjoy the empty spaces on your shelves.

D. Clear off horizontal surfaces.

--How this simplifies your life: it's easier to clean, and easier to find things, when you don't have to navigate around clutter.



4. simplify your closet

Go through your closet and make four piles: things that don't fit, things that fit but are out of season, and things that are in season and fit. Remove anything you haven't worn in a year for the fourth pile. Put the no fit and no wear piles in a box, as in step one. Put the rest back in your closet, with out of season clothes in the back. Do NOT get caught up in thr lost money. That money's already gone, so get rid of the closet clutter.

How this simplifies your life: It's easier to get dressed when you only have clothes that your wear and that fit to choose from.

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  1. Brilliant. This will work. I can do this. Thank you.

  2. Very nice, thoughtful list. Each is a reasonable step that can be accomplished fairly easily.

    P.S. FOIL - I remember the process from at least a couple of decades ago when solving quadratic equations - very elegant.

  3. I will tell you that Race T-shirts were a challenge. I look terrible in them, bit I coukdn't give them up, and I really don't need a race tshirt quilt. Eventually, I let it go and donated them. So, there will be people wandering the streets of albuquerque in rqce t-shirts.

  4. I especially like the simplify the house section. Now if I could only make myself do them....


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