Friday, July 21, 2006

Dateline, Portland OR

We packed up the car Wednesday morning in South Lake Tahoe, and headed out for Oregon.
On the way out, we stopped at Lassen Volcanic National Park, which had tons of snow still in it, and then Crater Lake national park and bought a copy of "Roadside Geology of Oregon" to replace the now unusable "Roadside Geology of Northern and Central California." that I had been reading as we wound through northern and central Cali. Serious nerdly delight! Crater lake was formed when an active Volcano blew itself out some time back.

Furthermore, did you know that several mountains in the cascades are currently active and due for a major blowout in manner of St. Helens? Nothing helps generalized anxiety disorder quite like a love of Geology.

I know for sure exactly where I'm going to live when I die, provided I've been a good Vegan...Portland, Oregon. I love it here. The people are friendly and laid back, and very progressive. My inlaws were talking about how hot it was this week, insanely hot, dangerously hot, very, very unpleasantly hot...but for the most part, I've found it pretty bearable, just your average hot July weather. For some reason, I had remembered it being dirty and full of scruffy people who didn't know how to use an iron, but that hasn't been the case; I must have been in a bad mood the day that this memory was encoded.

Yesterday we headed out to see "An inconvenient truth". Go see it. All I can say is, if Gore had shown this much hustspa (spelling?) and charisma when running for Prez, maybe so many children wouldn't be left behind. Spare me your comments if you're a huge Bush supporter. I'm not interested, I won't respond, and I'll ignore you.

My blog, my prerogative.


This morning, we went down to Forest Park for a run along the trails. It was fabulous, about ten degrees colder than the surrounding area and completely shaded by a variety of types of trees. I had a good 4 or so mile run. Then we went out to eat lunch at the Vegetarian House, where I ate Chinese food until I hurt. The only mildly annoying experience in the whole was my step-neice, who is one of those toddlers who has perfected the Extremely High-pitched Scream. It nearly shorted out my hearing aid. Mommy saved the day, however - by feeding her whenever she screamed.

"Thanks, Mom. Now I know exACTLY how loud to scream!"

It's been intensely great here, spending time with my inlaws, heading out to starbucks in the mornings, and as I mentioned, the park where we ran was fanTASTic. I could definitely live here. I've "slept in" each morning until 6:30 am or so.

Tomorrow, we head out for Bend and the Deutches Dash, and our inlaws get to view their very first triathlon.

Misty out!

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  1. I think it's spelled "chutzpa" - and I'm right there with ya : ) I suspect my cousin wouldn't be sweating it out in Balad, Iraq right now if Al had acted this cool 6 years ago.


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