Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jane's Freedom Run (report)

Jane's Freedom Run is done every year on the 4th of July, sponsored by Albuquerque Fleet Feet in honor of Jane Bryl, who died of melanoma. Procedes go to support research in that area.

I loved watching the itty bitty kids do the 400 meter event: parents trotted next to their kids, encouraging them, and the determination of a 3 year as he kicks it and head for the finish line is a joy to see. I enjoyed cheering on Mini-me as he did the 3K. He had asked independently if he could do that race, and I nearly fell over with excitement signing him up, because it was his idea, instead of mine.
Local runs feel so casual; you put on shoes, you show up. No transition area, no worrying about flats. You show up, you run or walk. Whatever. They don't care. I love it. It was a friendly, happy, festive, well-organized race. Just what I needed!
I did the 8K, and so did Myles, who was hurting - he just came off being on the injured list for about a month for a hip stress fracture and he's got a cold. I think he was a little discouraged, but it's all good - I think he'll bounce back quickly.

One thing I love about runs is that you can wear headphones. So why did I forget my headphones today? I don't know. Because I forgot them, however, I was able to try something new that I would have never tried if I'd had them on. Here's what I did: On my run splits, I'd been slipping in 1 minute walk breaks, but once I start walking, it is really hard to run again. The first mile of the 4.97 mi/8K, I ran my usual slow pace, and started setting my timer to go off for the 1 minute walks.

Then it came to me: "what if I tried 1 minute pickups instead?" I alternated running slowly (recovery) for one minute, with running as fast as I could manage for a whole minute, which wasn't as fast as one might imagine, but it was faster than my usual running pace and sent my heartrate up into the lower end of zone 4. I did this the rest of the race, and here's how it worked out:
  • Mile1: 13 minutes (slow pace, mostly uphill)
  • Miles 2 and 3: about 11 minutes each (flat, and then turning downhill)
  • Last 1.97 miles: about 11:30 each half, mostly flat with a small uphill area
Overall, faster than I usually run. Awesome! I'm going to incorporate this strategy into my other runs and see if it helps improve my time.
I had a blast. Know what I mean? Plus, after DNF-ing at the Grady Williams Death by Sand Adventure race, I fell like I finished something this week.
So glad I did this run. Right now, the way I'm feeling, my "S" is for Sassy.


  1. oh maaaan! If I had known there was a kidlet race...I keep trying to talk the little people into running - they're putty in my hands.

    Sounds like you had a great race - good for you!

  2. One minute pickups. What a great idea. Glad to hear your run went well.

  3. Great job!! I'm still shaking my head in awe that you've decided to go back to the sand trap but.. good for you!

    I do have a question. I'm just trying to get in shape so that someday I CAN do a tri.. I read about peoples heart rates getting to 160 and I'm thinking DEATH! I get my heartrate in the 120s and I'm dying.. d-y-i-n-g..

    My swim instructor is trying to help me with breathing during my swim and says half the battle is just getting used to it.. that it's counterintuitive for the body to breath while in the water and that it gets easier as I "teach" my body that it's okay.. and she was right..

    So, here's my question.. is the fact that I'm DYING in the 120s a factor of both being unfit AND not being used to having my heartrate that fast? I get to breathing fast and I feel a little freaky.. sorta like I felt swimming..

    Any insight you have would be appreciated...


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