Monday, July 17, 2006

Top 5 things I love about my husband

When we were courtin', Husband packed up my moving truck and drove me and my three kids from South Dakota to Alabama. Now, that's a dedicated man. So, it's when we're travling that I'm reminded afresh how much I love this man. Right now, he's out on a long run, after doing a sprint tri and driving ten hours yesterday. Having done a sprint tri yesterday, I summon up my sense of entitlement and decide that I have earned a day of sloth.

1) He's extremely dependable. I had former gentleman friend tell me that I was Chaos. It fits well with extremely dependable. I know that if I forget my razor, which I will, I will know exactly where to find his. Which I will.

2) He plans our excusions with air-tight efficiency, right down to the last detail, but yet is flexible enough to enjoy himself when the unexpected happens, which it will, because he married Chaos. This causes me a great sense of satisfaction. I always feel safe because, as I mentioned, everything is well thought out in advance. We will always have enough gas. We will always be comfortable. This may be part of who he is, or it may be a result of six years on the Corps. And he doesn't mind if I use his razor.

3) He has a great sense of humor, and he's awfully cute. Let's face it: it's nice to have a partner whose easy on the eyes, right? I loved the way he looked when we first met, when we both had the Freshman 15 (pounds), sophomore 15, and grad school 20, all at once...but now that he's been running and biking--wow. Just---wow.

4) He walks a very fine line between being frugal and efficient, and having fun. I never don't have fun when I'm with him. Right now we're on this trip with several new toys that we're enjoying, but he doesn't go an blow our savings on something whimsical, either. He indulges my fetish for magnets from every truckstop in nearly every city and state without complaining.

5) He remembers stuff I tell him, particularly stuff that makes me happy. That's a tough job because, as previously mentioned, I am Chaos. I'm libel to mention just anything off the top of my head that strikes my fancy, and then immediately forget it. He will catalog it, however, someone back in his bread there is a folder that's called "Wife's random utterings of things she likes and things that make her happy" That folder gets rifled through from time to time when he's making plans and a gift-givin occasion comes up.

Now you know. We had a wedding anniversary lately, and I thought it needed to be said.


  1. aww ! what a beautiful post. you're a lucky gal ! hope you enjoy many more happy anniversaries ! enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  2. can I just say,

    AWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! guys are too cute!


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