Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tahoe post #1

Well, you'll get two posts from me out of this trip. this first one will be very positive, and the second one will be sorta bitchy. First for the postive: It is so georgous here! Tall pines, which are what I grew up, and the lake is HUGE and COLD and very, very pretty. I'm pretty sure that if I'm really good, when I die I'll go to some place like Lake Tahoe.
They must have strict building covenances, because the businesses are prettier than I've seen elsewhere. Everything looks rustic and log cabin-ish. They're all built with logs, or cedar shakes, and rock, and I think they have strict signage ordinances. Once you cross into the California side of Lake Tahoe, you will see the prettiest McDonalds you've ever seen, but you won't know it until you're right on it. I also saw the prettiest KFC I've ever seen.
It smells really good here, too. I think it's the pines, but the air is sweet with a piney floral kind of smell. mmmmm.
This is not a time trial bike sort of place, but I hope to go out on a run tomorrow: I think the running would be superb. If you want to ride, I'd recommend road bikes with sturdy frames if you're going to stay in town, and side air bags if you leave it. Remember: biking is what I tolerate between running and swimming, so I'm fussy and picky and not all that comfortable on my bike. Husband is nimble and can do track stands and turn on a dime. Not me.
We got up this morning, and as Husband often likes to do, we lay around in bed chatting until he leaped up, starting pulling a shirt over his head and said, "Ready to go yet?"

He's not a jerk about it or anything. He's genuinely baffled, as I think many men are, as to why it takes me so long to get dressed, make breakfast, and put on sunscreen.
We started out on a 55 mile bike trip, but once we were about 10 miles into it, we started climbing, climbing, climbing onto some steep mountain roads with no shoulders or guardrails, just the ending of the pavement and a straight drop down the side of the mountain . I was tired, and my thighs were burning and shaking after some of that climbing, and there was more to come, so we had to turn back. Sorry, Myles. Our trip was only about 26 miles. It's supposed to be one of the best bike rides, but I think it's only for the very fit, of which I apparently am not. Husband cruised along, sipped from his air bottle, while I huffed and puffed up one mountain grade, gripping my handlebars like they'd save my life. Which they might well have; I figured if I fell off the side of the mountain the bike might catch in the branches of some tree and break my fall.
I'm hoping for a long swim today in that nice cold water. That's it for now! Misty out.


  1. it sounds like you're having a lovely time. it's so nice that you are able to go on bike rides with your husband. i hope you keep enjoying yourself !

  2. Sounds like a lovely place to ride! I really like your blog, by the way. How did you get all the cook links in your side bar? (e.g. the "keeping me honest" icons that tally your training -- are those from Beginner Triathlete?)

  3. I've always wanted to go there! I'm big on places where nature still looks like nature : )
    Some of the ritzier 'burbs around here have strict rules like that and I love passing through them - I can't stand giant tacky retail signage.


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