Friday, July 07, 2006

Hold onto your pants!

It's the Bottomless Triathlon!

I know what you're thinking, but there's no way conservative New Mexico would EVER go for that.

This sprint is held at the Bottomless Lakes. It's a short, short sprint I'll be doing tomorrow morning: 400m, 14K, 4K. It's just the sort of thing I need to feel better after the Grady Williams Death by Sand Triathlon last weekend. Most of all, I'm excited because I want the T-shirt (HOLD ONTO YOUR PANTS! etc) and maybe somehardware, but also because this race is very special, as it is the race I viewed last year in which I said, "okay. I'm definitely going to try this triathlon thing". So, it has a special >sniff< meaning in my heart.


  1. Wow... what a blue, blue lake! Reminds me of my visit to Crater Lake a while back.

    Good luck tomorrow~!

  2. oh, you'll do well!

    I didn't realize bottomless lake was so pretty! Go chica!


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