Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Girly triathlon stuff

I hate pictures of myself. I used to blame my image on bad camera lenses, but then I started to notice that while I looked unusually large, everyone else looked exacly like, um, themselves. Reality check! A good example is the latest team picture taken after Bottomless Sprint Tri. I'm the one that's clearly an Athena, on the far right.

I've become obsessed with girly triathlon things lately. I want to wear pretty strappy things, like the tiny girls wear. (I usually refer to the tiny people as "bird people" because they seem to have hollow bones and fly along like they're winged.) Anyway, I'd like to think that maybe some day I could wear a strappy little crop top. Forget rankings and placings; my goal for the 2007 season is to appropriately wear something strappy and tiny. (Unfortunately, I have to earn that by more miles on the run, because little strappy things do not contain Athenas in an efficient fashion.) Notice that I said, appropriately. As I've told my teenager daughter, just because you can get it on doesn't mean it fits.

I keep looking at the different kinds of athletic bottoms with attached skirts. I just love the idea of these things! not just because they're girly, but because I think they'd do an efficient job of hiding, in the words of David Letterman, "pasty white thighs". Lots of companies make them, but just for inspiration I like to look at Skirtsports, Inc. I want to get one like this one for Duathlons, and this one for running events, and this one for Tri's, if they start making it in black. I got one last year for cycling, which I wear in spin class, but I'm planning to get Black ones to match the Outlaws uniform. I've been putting it off because I figure I can get 20 soy mocha lattes for what one of these things cost, but the pull is just to great.
After all, in the greater scheme of things, covered in sweat, chain grease, and road grime, I just enjoy being a girl.


  1. Oooh - I've seen these! They have them at Sportz Outdoorz - you should go try them on!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my post about running skirts! i LOVE my running skirts! I am all about strappy girly things...but unfortunately i am not a bird person and i too have loads of miles to run before i wear a cropped top! :)

    i own one from skirt sports & the new balance one. I think they are both great. I don't like the ones with just the briefs underneath (not good for stretching!

  3. They are adorable! I can't wait until I can fit in one (decently) (=

  4. Uuuummm... I only see thin, fit people in that picture. Are you SURE you're an Athena?!

    I looooove the girly gear too - that's half the fun of this sport! My problem is the Girls cannot be contained by anything but architecturally sound running bras that cost 14 grande lattes a piece. I'm getting down close to where I'll soon be able to buy the biggest size Skirt Sports has, so I'm excited about that!


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