Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's all About Me.

I got tagged by Di to enjoy the festival of narcisism that is this latest round of tagging.

This is one of the fun ones...enjoy!

Jobs I’ve Held
pre-college: Long John Silvers, Wendys, MacDonalds, the Dog Stop, Picadilly Cafeteria, Church Daycare center, Home office Insurance Reissue/GIO Clerk, Underwriting Assistant.

During College: Library Assistant, Laboratory Assistant, Upgrading computers and installing hardware, Workshop facilitator, computer applications trainer, tutorial writer, Computer applications Teaching Assistant

After College:Math and Science teacher (Mostly Algebra)

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over
Bridget Jones' Diary
The Shawshank Redemption
the Hours
Finding Nemo

My Guilty Pleasures
Whiskey sours
Pretty much anything batter-dipped and fried
Long, hot baths
Watching mindless TV for hours at a time
Kettle fried Potato chips
French fries dipped in green chili sauce

Places I Have Lived (in order)
Dallas, Texas (born)
Jacksonville, FL
Hoover, AL
Yokohama, Japan
Richardson, Tx, Garland, Tx
Volin, SD
Tuscaloosa, AL
Duncanville, Tx
Rio Rancho, NM

Shows I Enjoy (getting in touch with my inner nerd)
The Daily Show
Southpark (Mmmkay?)
The Colbert Report
Quantum Leap

Places I Have Been on Vacation

As a kid:
Disneyworld, Florida, Mt. Fuji, Hawaii, New York
As an adult: Portland, OrArizona (all over!)Most of the National Parks in the soutwestern US, including: Grand Canyon, Meteor crater, Petrified Forest, Death Valley, Yosimite National Park, Mono Lake, Volcanic National Parkand: Redwood National Forest, Squoia National Forest, Climbed Mt. Taylor and Wheeler PeakLots of backpacking in the mountains in New Mexico and a couple in Colorado with Sweet baboo...

Favorite Foods
Northern Indian Cuisine
Thai Noodle

Websites I Visit Daily
Lots of blogs at bloglines.com

Awards I’ve Won
1st place in a fall festival poster contest when I was in the 4th grade
2nd place in the Alabama State fair art show when I was 10
Some gymnastics stuff in elementary school
Scholarship for pre-service science teachers
Pre-service internship for science teachers
Teaching excellence award, 2002;
Award For encouraging students research, 2003

Various sundry awards in the Athena Category 2005-2007
2nd place Athena in the Southwest Challenge Series, 2006

Body Parts I Have Injured
Broken finger
Burned hand and foot
Cut forehead/brow when I was two

Nicknames You’ve Been Called
Messy, mossy, mister, geekgirl, spazgirl

Now, I guess I get to tag 5 more people:

Sweet Baboo, because he thinks tagging is a woman thing AND to because I'm dying for him to list all the injuries he's had in his life (I'll leave it to him to explain his childhood nickname)

Pirate, because she LOOOOVES being tagged.

Lisa Tri-ing, becuase she doesn't have appendicitis (Yay!)

BikingBrady, because he's kinda out of the loop and is gearing up for the SD GutCheck

SWTriGal, because I'm wondering what all she's done (I already know she's been a lifeguard)



  1. Very cool!! BTW -quantum leap is one of my ALL time favorite shows. I still watch the reruns when they're on. Bigun thinks i'm a trekkor geek too!! LOL

  2. oh you hate me. you must.

    this will take a few minutes...

  3. I wouldn't have pegged you for South Park Gal.

  4. Help-never been "tagged bfore".
    What do i do?
    Just copy the questions.and answer?

  5. "Messy" makes me laugh -- especially after having read your posts about your side of the bed, losing your glasses, keys, etc., and the time YOU LOST ONE SHOE!!! I'm cackling just thinking about that last one!

  6. Teaching excellence award, 2002;
    Award For encouraging students research, 2003

    - Waaaay cool, Teach!

  7. Kettle fried potato chips... yummm!

    Stay tuned...

  8. I didnt know you liked indian food. honestly, i don't know the difference between northern and other, but i like indian food too. :)

  9. Dread pirate tagged me and I had no idea what it meant. Now I understand! You've led a very interesting life!

  10. awwe I love Happy Bunnies, they make me smile :) Hope the taper is feeling a bit more like rest than work!


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