Thursday, August 23, 2007

Uh, Ex-effing-SCUSE ME?

Will that include our plane ticket prices? Huh?


  1. Wow. What a crock of poop. I say
    Boycott 101 from here on out. Why would anyone want to sign up now.
    Have a good time in Louisville. We will be thinking of you all day.

  2. That bites. But: doing 101 after Louisville would be like going from a graduate course in Spanish Lit to Espanol 101, si? You are way beyond 101 now, Geekgirl. You're *at least* ready to be a TA, maybe even a triathlon tenure track fac. 101? Feh.

    Now, how the heck is that 140.6 looking? Can't wait to hear about that groovy swim-with-the-current re-routing! Enjoy!

  3. Best wishes on Sunday! Can't wait to hear how awesome it feels to cross that finish line! Go Geek Girl!

  4. Ha ha ha! You're always a hoot!

    I know, you're not laughing. Neither is anyone else who signed up.....

  5. Yah...oh well on the 101, at least I hadn't booked my flights or hotel yet...but looks like something better happened anyways...BAHAMA's 1/2..yay!!
    Good luck in Louisville!!

  6. I am really disappointed that I'm not getting to play host to all the Peeps. I'd like to cut the race directors some slack, but with all the problems they had this year, I am pretty skeptical.

  7. I was skeptical when this new series jumped up this year...trying to get too big, too soon, and crash.
    I feel badly for all the competitors who have made travel plans. I hope they are compensated somehow beyond their entry fee!


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