Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Miscellanea and July Miles.

Yesterday I tried to go down to do my planned 3000 meters but just couldn't seem to get started. Ever have that happen to you? It happened to me. I felt suffocated and tired and sore. So, after about 1000 meters, I went to sit in the hot tub, as often I am want to do.

I think it's funny how everyone keeps talking about how difficult, emotionally, the taper will be. Those people vastly underestimate my ability to take it easy, physically. I feel no qualms, no guilt about not moving. Sometimes my coach will say, "now, I want you to take it easy today."

"Okay," I'll reply.

"No, seriously, I really want you to take it easy," he says sternly,, like I'm secretely plotting to go out and swim, run, or bike without permission. I must give others the impression that I love to move all the time. The truth is, the miles that I'm reporting for July (below) are less than those which were prescribed.

Yesterday, Pirate and I agreed to meet at the club to do the swim that night, which I figured was good for getting the swim in that I'd missed in the morning, and so of course there was a huge deluge with lightening. Of course. And, so they closed the pool. Wussies.

So, we waited for a while and eventually went to sit in the hot tub. Which was pretty cool. Ever sit in the hot tub in the rain? Very neat. Except Pirate was all nervous about the lightening. What-ever. So, we went to sit in the sauna.

I've never really done that; I figure it's most attractive to those who grow up in arid environments. As a child growing up in Alabama and East Texas, I've never been drawn to a hot room full of steam.

I hung out in there for a while, wondering if this is what Kentucky is going to be like.

I don't mind humidity too much. I've been watching the humidity in Kentucky and it doesn't seem to be too bad, ranging between 35% and 65% during the day. It's a bit higher at night and in the morning, but it's cooler also. I have asthma, so as long as it's not like the sauna I was in yesterday, I actually do better with humidity. It makes it easier for me to breathe.

Right after I got out of the sauna, 16-year-old Mini-Baboo called me and scolded me for being out so late, so I went home.

So, here's my miles for July;
  • SWIM - 20,350 meters
  • BIKE - 510 Miles
  • RUN - 81 Miles
This morning Sw tri gal and Lisa tri-ing were kind enough to accompany me on a 45 mile bosque ride, which I was thankful for because it goes through some of the WORST parts of town.
You can always tell you're in a bad part of town when even grafitti has been vandalized and has grafitti on top of it. There are usually some stray dogs, and odd looking people shuffling about. This is the part of the 'Burque where all the junk yards and industrial sights are. And, looping around it, a wonderful bike path.

Anyway, it was mostly flat, and a gorgeous morning, with no wind. I've been watching that in Kentucky, too. It's not a windy place. This could be a great experience.

I took my Ultimate Direction hydration pack, as I had for the 100-mile ride this past weekend, and I have decided that this is what I'm going to carry around instead of bottles at Ironman Louisville. I love this thing. it barely weighs anything and holds 64 fluid ounces of hydration goodness.

Tomorrow's training: 4000 meter swim (across lake Cochiti and back) followed by a 6 mile run.



  1. Those are great numbers for July! Do you ever look at them? I mean really look at them and think about how far you have come in such a short time? Could you imagine, in Dec 2004, someone saying, "'re going to be an ironman and become an awesome triathlete and have a really cool blog."

    Sometimes, it's nice to think about that, especially with a big race on the horizon.

  2. If someone HAD said something like that to me, I would have been all, "It's not nice to tease fat girls, you know."

  3. Hey - that lightning looking. Yeah.

    OK, I'm a wuss (sigh).

  4. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. You're awesome. That's all I can say.

  5. Good job on the July Mileage. WOW! You've really covered some ground.

    Thx for working around my schedule and letting me come along. It was fun. But I've soooooo wiped out now. I'm sitting on the couch at the moment thinking about all the enegery it would take to go to the bathroom. I'm considering not eating or drinking *anything* just so I can sit here all night and not have to get up again...

  6. You are putting in some monster miles..I think I have told you this before...but I am old and have no brain today after working with 3 year olds...
    Great job!
    What program are you following? I need one starting in December!

  7. Huge mileage. I feel the same way about someone telling me I would be running races and triathlons 2 years ago, I would not have believed it either. Isn't that cool!!! You should be super proud. Less than 24 days to go. I am excited and I'm just going to watch it on IM live.


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