Friday, August 03, 2007

Things I just happen to know today.

1. Well, clearly pink is fastest. The masses have spoken.

2. Forget about running or cycling to get those sexy gams. Apparently, all you need are the right flip-flops.

3. Sweet Baboo bought a new toy, a 2-man kayak. He's wildly excited about it, as am I. If you have any good kayak tricks and tips (no pun intended), let him know.

4. I got about 6" cut off the back of my hair today. I also went blonder. In the face of ironman training, racing, and being half of a kayak-totin' couple, I felt the need to simplify. I also felt the need to be blonder. I already feel faster. And, yes, I am having more fun. Thanks to AndraSue for the inspiration.

5. I used to think having three kids was a lot of work until I read this.

6. I realize the picture of my haircut is a bit blurry. Here's a slightly less blurry one, below. Thanks to Duane for the link.

7. I swam the 2.2 mile swim at Lake Cochiti again yesterday, and there was choppy waves, which slowed me down. I've decided I don't like chop.

But that's not what's interesting. What's interesting is when I tried to do a 6 mile run afterwards and my hip flexors said, "Oh, no, you di-int." They did! They sounded a bit like Hank Azaria in "The Birdcage."

8. REI has all their summer clothes on sale now. I was able to add to growing collection of action skorts that I can wear when I ride my bike to work. Yayyyyy!

9. 4 more days until I go back to work. Booooo!


  1. Awesome faster hair!

  2. Yes, great hair! Very glamorous picture too!

  3. I am now inspired to rely upon a haircut to improve my time at IMMoo.

    Looking at the comment stream, I know too many people who are on-line on a Friday afternoon with a blog reader fired up!

  4. Cute hair! I need to add hair cut to my race strategy! :>)

  5. I'm still hoping for the layoff.

  6. Well look at YOU, hot mama!



    I think your hair is super cute, dear. I do. I bet it would look good in pink too. Anything for speed, right?

  8. And the blurry photo looks reeeeeally FAST too!

  9. Ahem. Pink and blonde are not fast. RED is fast.

    Just so you know.

    And your hair looks so cute! I have to get mine chopped off. Soon. Preferably before my 2 tris in September.

  10. Oh, and our kayaks that I ordered (two 1.5-person kayaks - for one adult and one kid each) haven't arrived yet. But I'm waiting anxiously. I have a feeling they won't be fast, though....

  11. I am soooo "J" of the kayak! I really want one. My friend Green Eyed Lady and her hubby Excel Man are kayaking today on the Gulf.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair - Pink would be Rockin Blog Girl hot.

  12. Love the hair. Very cute. Sassy!

    I saw something the other day that I wish to steal for myself - "If I can't go fast, at least I look good" - except that I'm not sure I can claim to look good...yet. So I'm thinking *I* need a cute haircut and running skirt myself. :)

  13. Love the new do and color - very sassy! I am going with redlights next time I need to be touched by the magic comb (should be soon actually....).

  14. btw- my sister in Denver is a hardcore kayaker and could hook yall up with some tips I'm sure.

  15. Love your hair...makes me feel and look as grey as I really am...must do something about that someday!

  16. Hair looks cute...and much MUCH faster! Post a better picture. :-)


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