Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stupid Triathlon Trick #14

Today's Stupid Triathlon Trick is, "Don't maintain your bike."

Remember yesterday when I talked about how hard it was to get my bike to shift properly? Yeah. Well, once stuff like that starts happening, it's usually a messge from above.

And that message is this:

"Get your bike tuned, stupid."

I ignored that message. I had a long ride today and figure I could squeeze one more bike ride out of the Rockette before taking it into the shop.

Of course, I discovered right away that this was going to be a small chain ring day. The bike simply would not switch onto the big ring, no matter how much I begged and threatened.

I can remember when that was all I needed.
Big chain ring? Pah.
That was only for going down hill.

But now, after all my practice rides I've actually made some, ya know, progress, and so today I was spinning at a really high cadence, for me, much more than I'm used to. Breathing heavy, but feeling good.
I was thinking that at least, this would be a chance to practice high cadence. For sixty miles. Oh, well. I've got my favorite bike shorts, cycling top, and hydration vest. Bring it on!

and god said, "HA!"

Suddenly, my foot was free. Frowning, I looked down at it. Had it slipped off the pedal? Unlikely. I have the tightest pedals in the world....usually takes much effort and swearing to get locked in and much effort to get unlocked as I coast to stops, just before I fall over.

I leaned over further. No, actually, the pedal was still firmly attached to my foot.
Yep, there they were, the pedal and crank arm.
Dangling from and attached to my bike shoe.
Not to the bike,
Hmmm. Pretty sure this is not one of those quick fix things, like, say, a flat.

I coasted to a stop, and Pirate took one look, and said, "Your ride is over." then she said, "I'd be pissed." I considered briefly whether no shifting and one pedal meant the ride was over, and then I had to admit that it was.

At first, I felt uber studly. I'd pedaled the crank right off my bike. BOOYAH!

But that soon gave way to regret. I'd neglected a friend. This is an example of a desperately uncared for Rockette, on whom I've put nearly 700 miles this summer with no tune up. Don't try this at home, kids.

We sent Pirate's Beloved and Sweet Baboo back for the car whilst we turned around and I pedaled one-legged for about 5 miles. Ever do ILT's? I used to grumble and grouse when the Jimmy made us do them. Today, I was thankful.

Occasionally, I had to shift my weight as ever more components began to complain about the neglect and more recent off-balanced pedaling and started acting crazy. Eventually the guys showed up with the car and we loaded the Rockette into it.

No bike shops open today. Of course, my training bike is still missing a wheel, so that's out.

No ride today.

... Boo.


  1. Hope the bike gets fixed fast. Looking forward to two weeks from today! You're going to rock it!

  2. Cool. If it helps, I laughed a bit. A friends bike did similar last time we were out, managed to get him tightened enough to get back home, as we were only a few miles out. Hope it gets fixed fast!


  3. heh. rode the cranks right off. I like that.

    ah, but now your right leg is uber studly for having done 5 miles of ILTs. I daresay you got something out of the deal!

  4. On the bright side, you'll have a nicely tuned up bike for Louisville.

  5. Oh my. Poor Rockette.
    On the bright side, this happened before you had to send your bike out to KY or worse yet on the IM course.

  6. Oh, poor Rockette!

    I knew there was a good reason that I'm superstitious about cleaning and checking my bike out before every event! I catch a lot of things that way that can make the day go very badly indeed. Yeah, learned the hard way by chain rings falling apart on the road riding solo, etc.....

  7. Ulp, Duane, did you have to remind me that it's in TWO WEEKS? Every time I think about I feel nausous.

  8. Oh No!!
    But I think it WAS because you are so studly.
    When do you get your number?

  9. I did the same thing to my ride, and if you saw the condition of my bike, you'd laugh knowing that there is someone worse than you "out there". Enjoy the tuneup, and try to keep Sweetness under wraps during your taper - jees, he'll probably sign up for a marathon here, just to see if his calf is OK....

  10. Oh dang, that sucks so bad. BBetter that happened now than in Ky!

  11. You are not alone! I neglect my bikes too. In fact, 2 weeks ago, I burned through all 3 (yes THREE) before finally admitting that I needed to suck it up and change a tire...

  12. Too funny. Broke the shift cable on my long ride, too. Kept the cranks on, though... Just made a to-do to call LBS for a tune up.

  13. The bike god decided to give you a break and let you begin the taper for the IM..Listen to him

  14. That happened to me a day before a race once. Glad it happened here and not in Kentucky!

  15. Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack??!!??


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