Saturday, August 25, 2007

Morning Swim, the Sequel. Haiku.

High priced swimming gear,

you'd better make me faster,

rubber money suit!

I really do feel like this made me faster today. The thought of that wicked current kept me awake much of the night worrying, so what a relief! The swim was much easier, and I'm pretty sure the current was the same. I stayed close to the edge, too, which helped, but eventually I had to cut across the current, twice, and it was easier that yesterday.
As a bonus, the wind was gusting in the direction opposite the current, so I had lots of waves slapping me in the face. It was a good time to be a bilateral breather.

I made out to one of the closer buoys in 15 minutes. It took 5 minutes to get back. (I was only supposed to swim about 500 meters per the Jimmy) The combination of the current and waves is largely offset by the warmth of the water, so there isn't the usual panicky feeling associated with cold water. (However, that was slightly offset by the outgasing that liquids do when they are warm. It's just a LEETLE bit funky in the river)

It was interesting to note those who thought that they could just cut across a fast moving current to get to the dock instead of angling their approach. If gambling is a tax on those who don't understand math, then I guess open water swimming can be a tax and those who don't understand physics. :-)

We also rode the first 7-8 miles of the bike course out today. It's really a nice road, but there was a stiff headwind coming back. That will be nice going out, but most unwelcome after pedaling for 100 miles. Other than some bumpiness in the first 4 miles or so of the course, the rest seems to be smooth as glass.




  2. Glad the suit helped today. YAY.

    I'm so excited about tomorrow! Hope you have a BLAST out there. :)

  3. GOOD LUCK!!!! I will be thinking of all of you Ironmen and women!

    Kick some tushy in Kentucky!

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    Rubber money suit will help a lot - you're going to have Fun tomorrow!

  6. Been on the edge of my seat, refreshing my screen roughly every 4 seconds. Dying to hear the whole story - I hope it was a wonderful experience.


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