Thursday, December 22, 2005

More plans for 2006.

I've been perusing the training plans at and have decided on the 16-week, run-focused Olympic plan. I'm going to try to run the Buffman and Squeaky Olympic distance triathlon in Buffalo Springs. it's more than a little daunting. First of all, Buffalo Springs has this insane climb immediately out of the canyon on the bike. Not really much chance to get a running strart. In fact, the entire bike portion is up and down hills, in and out of canyons. Yikes. But what the hell, right? I'm having trouble deciding between the Tour de Acoma and the Fiesta Marthon. You see, they are both the same weekend, although one is Saturday (marathon) and the other Sunday. I'd like to do them both, but I don't know how possible that is.

I went to the Dr. the other day to see him about some things. One is my weight. Why aren't I the sleek athletic hollow-boned bird person I dream of being? I know I lost 30 pounds during 2005. But still. He showed me a graph of my weight over the past 5 years. "If I were to draw a line right through the middle of these spikes, it would be the weight you are right now. You're healthy, and not terribly overweight. You're just a big girl". Of course that means I'll have to give up my dreams of being the tiny, sleek bird person who flies like the wind, and perhaps be a large woman who lumbers like the wind. It also means I can focus now, on being a fast, ass-kicking ATHENA.

On a happy note, I will be getting a pair of prescription sports goggles soon. No more glasses that are too heavy and sliding down my nose. I haven't decided between M frames and Half Jackets yet. Also, I'll be getting a pair of swim goggles for nearsighted ninnies such as myself. More toys, oh, boy oh boy!

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