Saturday, April 01, 2006

Current goal: Finish, and be last.

Well, Thursday kinda sucked. I went in, was preppped, very friendly staff at this place. Then the next thing I know I was waking up in recovery. I spent most of the day whimpering and feeling sorry for myself. I was really tired from all the pain killers. I was also cranky because the sugery center said no greasy foods today, which I figured would be my reward. We went home and I curled up with a heating pad, and watched Oprah. (According to Oprah, there's a problem with this stuff called meth. Did you know that? Apparently, causing all kinds of trouble. Duh). Ate lots of soy yogurt, larabars, and cytomax. Doc called to see how I was feeling. Husband took the day off in case I needed nursing. :-)

Friday was much better. I was up and around and walking up and down the stairs, and I transitioned over to Motrin. By the end of the day, I felt almost normal. Spent a lot of time on Ebay, and got some Brooks' running tights and some gear for the belly-dancing class I'm taking this summer. Decided I should pay my speeding ticket from last month. Nurses called from the surgery center to see how I was feeling. I had problems asking them about, um, going to the bathroom. When will that start up again? Son, who was home with me, decided not to bother me, bless his heart, about his sore throat. He decided to self-medicate instead...
"I drank some herbal tea," he told me proudly
"Go get me the box," I said.
He brought in the box, Celestial Seasonings Night-time Cleanse, with Senna. It's a mild laxative.
"Oh, boy. How much of this did you drink?" I started laughing.
"Three cups," he said, his voice faltering.
"You better stick around here today. You don't want to be outside too far from the bathroom," I warned him.

So, today is Saturday. We leave for Las Cruces, for the MVTC (I think) sprint triathlon tomorrow. I can do this, but only if I don't race it. I've decided that I'm going to mosy, and my goal is to be dead last. This is different from my usual goal of being anything other than dead last.

My training goals for today are to walk down to the coffee shop and back (3 mile walk) and see how that feels.

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