Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Web Site Review: Your Fitness Music

I found this really cool website called Your Fitness Music.

First, you can click on your current running speed (or target speed) and then get lists of music that matches your cadence. This is dependent on your stride length, so I looked for a song that I already knew matched my target cadence, and then made a list of others with the same timing. I'm in the process of getting hold of these in MP3 format to load into my player. I have one list for the beginning of my run, at a cadence of about 160 bpm (beats per minute), and then my target cadence, at 170 bmp. I'm trying to work my way up to 180 eventually. Sunday when I did the duathlon, I was sort of humming some of the songs to myself to help pace even and steady.

Second, Repacer, a program you can purchase here, will not only read your existing CD and MP3 tracks and tell you their bpm (beats per minute) but can alter them up or down depending on your need. It also creates mixes. It does it digitally. I'd explain how all that works, but then I'd have to quiz you.

Anyway, I'm finally over my exhaustion from the Rio Rancho duathlon, so I'm planning to go out early tomorrow for a four-mile run and test my new mix. Don't worry, I only wear one headphone.
In other news, I swam 2500 m tonight, and had the best speed I've ever had. My training swim time has dropped from 3 minutes per 100 meters to 2:38 per hundre meters. I may make my goals of a sub-10-minute 400 meter swim this year!

The results of the Rio Rancho Duathlon are posted here, but mine are about 10 minutes off. That makes me worry that others were not timed correctly. I even have a photograph of myself passing the clock and it reads 2:30. I've emailed the race director.

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  1. Thanks for a great link - I'm always skipping around my mp3 player looking for tunes that match my pace.


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