Monday, May 22, 2006

Random thoughts, from a slow triathlete.

What on earth have I gotten myself into NOW?
I can't believe how terrified I am.
This is crazy.
Can I do this?
No way am I ready for this.
Look at all those people ahead of me. I suck.
This water actually feels pretty good.
Where is he going? The buoy's that way.
Wished I'd trained more. I really mean it. I'm going to train more from now on.
what is that floating in the water?
Affirmations. almost forgot: I'm fast and powerful!
Fast and powerful!
Fast and powerful!
I'm going to beat 4 hours!
Glad I anti-fogged the goggles today.
What's the smell?
Who's grabbing my feet? Just pass me already.
Wish I had some music.
Pulled from the water already - I wonder if that will ever happen to me?
I can't ever seem to get my feet dry.
Another walk up a hill in bike shoes.
Why do I do this? It's hard, and I hate it.
That's a penalty. Wonder if I should report that.
Hope my tires hold up.
It will all be over soon.
Fast and powerful.
Fast and powerful.
I'm totally focused.
I need to reorganize my desk.
Maybe I should try to 'feel the burn.'
Ow. The burn hurts. Don't like the burn.
Hate bumpy roads. Hate Hills. Hate Wind.
I should lose some weight. Then I'd have have less weight to haul around.
Fast and powerful.
and powerful.
This is a steep climb.
There's my car. I could just leave the course and go over and sit down. right now. Nobody would think any less of me. At least I tried, they'd say.
This is hard.
I think I'm going to throw up.
What are those, BUGS?
Yeah, sure, dude, you're fast. Me, I'm just pacing myself.
Wheeee! Love the downhill.
Do glued tubulars come off easy?
I hope I can beat 4 hours.
I like that house. They did a lot with their front yard.
I need to gather up stuff I don't use that's cluttering up the bedroom and donate it to Goodwill.
Wish I were a faster runner.
Gosh, she's fast. Well, she's probably been doing this a long time, and I'm pretty new at it.
I should grow my hair back out.
Sure, go head, try to run me off the road.
You and your pickup truck must be very important.
Fast and powerful.
fast and, um, powerful.
A hose! hey, squirt me!
That dog should be on a leash.
I wish I was a faster runner.
I'm alone out here.
So very alone.
wonder if anyone's behind me?
Don't look back.
I bet Husband is all done and showered off by now.
I bet everyone is.
Fast and powerful.
(Slow and weak.)
NO! fast and powerful!
Gosh, it's getting hot.
An escort for the last runner.
Me? Am I the last runner?
I should just try to run faster.
Just try.
Maybe I'm not trying enough.
I don't think I can run any more.
I really do think I'm going to throw up.
I'm not going to
beat 4 hours.
I feel a little
and kinda
Gosh, it's hot.
I'm almost
Finish line.
Maybe I can run
a little more.
Where's the lake?
I'm done.
I rule.
I can do it.
I wonder what else I can do?


  1. Absolutely loved and identified with this post. I'm sure you've been told a million times how inspring you are, so I won't bore you.

    But you are.

    I've thought many of those same things. Just finished my first solo tri and am ready for the next! Congrats on all your achievements!

  2. that is the most brilliant race report i've ever read! (I'm getting to know you.:) )

  3. Thanks MISTY. How'd you get into my head?

  4. THAT'S GREAT. Again, loved every word. I agree-most brilliant race report ever. I thought I was the only one with thoughts like that the whole time!! :D

  5. I know this is an old post. I am just reading it because I am ready to step up to an Olympic distance and the whole post applies to my crazy thought processes. During my swims this summer I tried to find animals in the clouds as I swam...just saying we are all a bit 'bent' I think.......

  6. Totally agree - best race report EVER. You inspire me to be a better athlete and a better writer. ;)


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