Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Stealth Triathlon, Redeaux

Good: leftover vegan pizza, HEED, and an energy drink pre-sprint
Pre-race sudafed.
Well, how could I have known this would make my heart race the way it did? Of course, AFTER I did it, and told people, they were like, "gosh, you should have told me you were going to do that. it's a bad, bad idea.

Well, live and learn, I suppose. Cold pizza good. Sudafed bad.

You should learn from my mistakes.

This year was pretty much like last year's Stealth Triathlon, a reverse sprint, except that 1) The bike ran a little long - 20 miles instead of 18.6; 2) I had taken Sudafed, which made my heart race; 3) I didn't drive the wrong way on the bike course this year, adding to my time, and 4) the pool wasn't heated this time, and 5) this year, I actually swam, instead of doing a 400 meter backstroke.

I hit the pool, where a friendly volunteer notified me, "Feet first, please!" I went into the pool, feet first, and gasped.
They should have made wetsuits optional.
If I'd known it was going to be this cold, I've have worked up more of a sweat beforehand.
"Sh** this is cold!" I yelped.
The volunteer gave me a dazzling smile, "sure is! down each lane, and then under, and then down the next. Good luck!"

I passed a few people in the pool. I was very, very motivated to get the hell out of there and get under a warm shower.

As per usual at Holloman, the results weren't ready for us. They fed us, then apologized, packed up the medals, and took off.
Then, we took off.
I think I got 2nd Athena, but I'm not sure.
No biscuit.

Oh, and I can also now add another to the list of people who have kicked my ass.
Previously, this list included:
  • an 11-year-old with an extremely awkward gate
  • a 70-year-old shuffle-walker
  • a racewalker
  • a woman with bronchitis
  • a woman recovering from radiation therapy
  • a pregnant woman
Now, you may add to this list a woman recovering from a broken foot; friend/arch nemesis Helen, who walked out of her house one day two months ago and broke her foot. She just got her cast off last week, and still managed to beat me today.

Anyway, here's how the times worked out, my performance this year compared to last. Let me REMIND you that I did a half iron triathlon a week ago.
Last years run: 38:42
This year's run: 33:17

Last year's bike: 1:21:44
This year's bike: 1:14:58

Last year's swim: 13:37
This year's swim: 10:25

Last year's Total time: 2:17:31
This year's total time: 2:01:33

4 weeks to Soma, and 15 weeks to my first marathon.
I've been reading up on ultra marathons. I know, it sounds crazy, but I've been wondering, maybe ultra stuff is my calling. I saw a picture of some women ultra runners on the cover of "Ultra runner" magazine, and they look like me: stocky, I believe, is the perferred term.
Also, I'm not particularly fast, but if you give me enough time, I can go forever. I'm that stubborn.
That's what I'm calling it.


  1. umm, sudafed bad - race good! yay you!

    i am happy you are telling me helen just got off her cast and is still fast - that means there's hope for me...even tho she kicked your butt ;-0

  2. Looks like a nice improvement over last year, especially given the Sudafed and your even last weekend. Nice job!

    Wow, the ultra- go you! I'm not fast either, but I can't go forever. I must be anti-stubborn. Glad you decided to stick with the SOMA plan- you'll be great.

  3. geez... ultra-marathoning sounds about as fun as shoving rusty nails up my fingernails.

    are you sure you're not overtraining for the half at soma?

    congrats on the improvement. that's TOTALLY awesome.

  4. Me, too. I'm a little like the energizer bunny...somewhat annoying, often spins in circles, enjoys using props to communicate, and keeps going and going and going at my, er, modest (?) rate.

    But, not the pink thing. Definitely not the pink thing.


    Great job on all the work you've been putting in recently. You're doing FABULOUSLY!!


  5. have taken off a huge CHUNK of time!

  6. Anonymous10:04 AM

    wow ! you're such an inspiration. i think it's awesome that you were able to beat last year's time, ESPECIALLY after doing a half ironman last week. congrats !!

  7. hahaha you sound like me...but 30 pounds lighter! I have been beat by a: Man in a wheelchair, a one armed man, a little old man who looked all of 90 years old, a man who wore a long sleeve shirt, jeans and a baseball cap in 90 degree weather and a 10 year old girl...sigh...

  8. I should start documenting my own list of shame - that cracked me up!

    I might have to adopt "stubborn" to describe my own race strategy : ) Actually, I have started to think that perhaps I'll fare better in longer distances, because I can keep going indefinitely as long as you don't ask me to do it quickly.


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