Sunday, October 22, 2006

Yikes. Just--Yikes.

Now I really have to move my butt.

There's no turning back - it's all paid for.

No refunds.


I'm Louisville bound in '07.

C'mon, ladies. (I'm calling out Pirate and Helen, too!) Don't leave me alone in this madness.

I went on an "easy" 6 mile run today as I'm tapering for SOMA. I forgot that this was THAT weekend. THE weekend. The one where they have the Duke City marathon. All the way back, people kept leaping out at me, clapping, screaming, "good job!" and trying to give me things to drink.

I thought I heard someone yell, "Bandit! Swarm! Swarm!" but maybe not.

A photographer kept trying to take my picture, too. I should have let him. Then, when I turned off the path, spectators were trying to help me. "No! That course is that way! THAT WAY!"

It felt good, a good 12-minute pace. I think my goal for 2007 will be to be able to maintain that 12-minute pace throughout 26.2 miles, instead of the 7 or so that I can currently maintain it at before my legs threaten to succeed from the Union.

So far, for 2007, I'm signed up for
  • My very, very first marathon: The Rock n Roll Arizona Marathon, during MLK weekend. Husband is doing it, and so it Mini-me--er, I mean, The JONSTER. As soon as he heard me say, "40 cheerleading squads will line the course" as I was reading it from the descriptions, he lifted his head from the fog that it's often in.

    "Cheerleaders? I wanna do a marathon!"

    We tried to sign him up for the full, but he's on 15, so we signed him up for the half. It'll be a family affair.

    I'm also planning to do another Marathon in April, in Albuquerque, but I can't remember the name.

  • Some triathlon in Rocky Point, Mexico, in May. I can't remember the details, and I have no idea how I'm going to do it since I have no more time off

  • Ironman Louisville, the newst Ironman, which will be my first full Iron distance race. Louisville is very close to where my father's immediately family lives, and due north of Birmingam, Alabama where my father and sister (yes, I have one Sister) live, so it's very, very possible that one or both of them may deign to come and watch.
    Possible, but not likely.
    Unless Dad can watch cable, plug in his George Forman grill, AND be a spectator, I don't think so.

    In fact, I mentioned to Dad that I was doing this, and he said something like, "Gosh, that's really far off. I just don't know. Pretty far ahead to plan something."

    My Dad is retired, and otherwise uninvolved in anything other than Cable and the aforementioned George Foreman grill.

    I should mention at this point, that my father has never seen the house that Sweet Baboo and I built in 2004. Sister, meanwhile, has never visited me out of state. Ever. Once I crossed the State line out of Alabama, I lost the right the be visited.

    I lost my mother in 1998, and she was really the only one that was interested in any of the weird things I became involved in.

    But, anyway.
So, I've signed my life over to training for 2007.

It's not like I had anything else to do.

Other than, Oh, writing that paper for my 2nd master's degree. To finish it. Finally. AND THIS TIME, I MEAN IT, Dr. WELLS!

Oh, and put together a Dossier, which is required to go up the next level in my teaching certificate.

And working.

And taking trig or calculus as a refresher.

But other than that, I've got scads of time.



  1. Way to go!! We'll be cheering you on in Louisville!

    Gosh, you'd think folks in Alabama would be delighted to go out of state to visit. I'm just sayin'... ;-)

  2. Woo woo! Ironman! Live a dream!

  3. Well, I've made an assessment. You are taking calculus as a refresher. This alone shows you are a glutton for punishment. You are meant to do an Ironman. Congrats on signing up for the race. This is a HUGE step. Glad to hear you are up for the task, despite all the other things that are going on in your life. See you soon

  4. Wow!! Good luck and have fun!! 2007 is going to be a monumentous year for you.

    I wondered where everyone was when I was on my run along today...guess all the runners i usually see were off doing a duke city event this morning.

  5. Can't wait to read about your upcoming season, you've got quite a year lined up for '07. Quite ambitious, I'm looking forward to reading all about it.

  6. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! I'm so proud of you, and I know you'll rock that course. Congrats for taking the leap!

  7. holy. crap.

    I'm totally totally flattered that you called me out for IMLoo (I just made that up).

    I'm not a puss.

    I'm signing up for IM Something in '08.

    Oh shit, I just told somebody other than the cat...

  8. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Yahoo!! We'll be cheering for you. Impressive commitment. Isn't it exciting!

  9. Anonymous8:58 AM

    wow ! sounds like a busy yet fun and exciting 2007 ! good luck !

  10. If you love statistics, you're gonna love Ironman. Both are brain beaters in my opinion. I, unlike you, hate statistics. Probably because I suck at them. Same goes for running.

  11. Good for you!!! Yeah!!! 2007 will be an excellent year...I can tell already.

  12. Congrats on your goal-setting for 2007! The existence of the Louisville IM was news to me. Sounds really wonderful! Giving myself a day or so to consider it. Expensive registration but probably not nearly what I would need to spend to get to FL or even WI. I completed my first trail ultra yesterday and it was a hoot! Trails are such a different animal...
    Great blogs!!! Always very inspiring!

    Mary K Sunshine

  13. Misty,

    Do you have any additional info about swimming in the Ohio river? I've never heard of such a thing. I'm hoping it would be downstream? Making the swim cutoff would be a challenge for me but I think I'd like to try.


  14. My hands are still shaking...but I'm in. I've paid the money...

    Please let me know if you hear anymore about the swim. Also, I live a few hours from Louisville if you are planning to visit the race course this summer, you and yours are certainly welcome in Cincinnati. We have some good tri's nearby and it might be good exposure to the humidity.

    My fear now is my seasonal allergy but I think I could wear a nose/mouth mask for the bike and run...

    wishing you a wonderful fall day!!

    Mary K


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