Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's always something.

I ran 20 miles this morning. 2-0.
I don't want to talk about how long it took me. Let's just say that I did it, and leave it at that.
The weather was gorgeous, light frost on the ground when I started out and then up in the 50's when I finished.

You know, every time I do a long run I'm sharply reminded that this is a whole body thing. There's always some part of my body, heretofore unheard from, that reminds me that it is not used to this and that there is just some crap up with which it WILL NOT PUT!

The long run before last, my shoulder ached like hell. Just from my arms swinging loosely at my sides, like the books says, but it was nearly 17 miles of swinging loosely at my sides. The last long run I did was only 16 miles, but my calves really ached afterward.

Today, my back hurts. Really aches. You know those Wiley Cayote cartoons when something heavy falls on him and then he walks away, looking like an accordian? That's how I feel. I have this compulsion to hang upside down from something and stretch myself back out.

I get putulant when I'm tired, so here's my current list of demands:
  • I want 2 extra strength advil.
  • I want to take them with cold, plain water.
  • I want a plate of fried hash brown potatoes with lots of salt and Cholula.
  • I want a hot bath and a nap.
Then I'll decide what else to do with my day.


  1. do you feel different now you're not an Athena? (I wish they had that category here :(
    And congrats on your weight loss - and your gain of so much discipline, strenght and confidence

  2. Damn, and I was congratulating myself 'cause I ran over 6 on Sunday..then I had to read YOUR blog! :-)
    Congratulations...that's amazing!
    Is Cholula like a tabasco sauce only better? Must be local...I don't think we have it here! Sounds good...the whole rest of your day!

  3. Cholula is way better than Tobasco. Not quite as hot, and a big more tangy.

  4. You are an insiration! 20 miles, damn!

  5. 20 miles. Wow. Never done that. Yet.

  6. Damn. I'm feeling like quite the sissy right now, with my achy back from a little 90 minute walk with my doggies.

  7. I think you must now edit the previous post and remove the line where you refer to yourself as lazy. Nope, doesn't fit. Damn, 20 miles. I don't even drive that far very often lately. Good job.

  8. great job! 20 is definitely a milestone and you conquered it!

  9. 20 miles! Wow! You rock (but then, you knew that)!


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