Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sweet Baboo is the coolest!

So, yesterday, I'm having a fit because I misplaced my music player. It's hard for me to keep track of most things, much less something that size of a bic lighter. Absolutely no way I'm running 20 miles today without it. That's several boring hours. Just how many I won't tell you. We'll just stick with several for now.

You know, the funny thing about Sweet Baboo is that he likes to go on about how he dislikes the commercialism of the holidays and how they make us feel obligated to give presents, but then he gets all excited and shops and can't WAIT for it to get here. Sweet Baboo buys me presents all year long, so Christmas presents at our house are an extra bonus.

So he got all antsy and said he wanted to give me an early present. I said wait. Then I asked if I could borrow his player. Then he said he was going to give me my early present:

This is the Sansa e250 2GB MP3 Player. It has a radio, plays mp3's and a tiny picture viewer, plus, you can use it as a portable memory stick. They're starting to make accessories for it, too. It's the second SanDisk I've owned, and I believe it will be just as great as the first one. Like a lot of people, Sweet Baboo heard the interview on NPR about the planned obsolecense that plagues some gadgets, including iPods, so he sought an alternative.

I'll have a full report/review up later. Gotta run! Literally!


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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! How did I not "meet" you before? Where in ABQ do you live? I've got scads of relatives there and in points south.

    Do you know anything about the Las Vegas Tri at Storrie Lake? I've been tempted, but it alway seems so horribly windy up there!

    I'll be out your way sometime this summer-- no dates yet. Maybe we can meet and go for a run or bike ride. Or hike Sandia or something.

    Merry Christmas, and anything else you may be celebrating!


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